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[Verse 1: KR]
Yo', I find pleasure in our conversation
Me and you, we can change the nation
f*ck all of the contemplating
I want you now, that's what I'm saying (yeah)
I heard about your past love
Put that n*gga in the past, love
sh*t, love is so beautiful and I'd rather share it with you (yeah)
You're a queen, [the] last I recalled
Your whole presence needs bodyguards
sh*t, just your smile got me in awe
The closest to an angel's that I ever saw
So, if you give me some of your time, girl
It'll be me and you against the world
I ain't worried about a damn thing
So I'ma let the song sing, love


[Verse 2: KR]
Yo', trust, wisdom, guidance that you committing
We need more affection, less violence;
The answers lie within me
Call it poetry
Living in the moment, we
Guarded by the angels
Misunderstood, you and me
Maybe I can find comfort in your smile
I tend to find inspiration in your style
Maybe I can build a castle with your eyes
And the pieces fall apart whenever you start to cry
We're expressing true love
Don't need to be televised
Fly away with two doves
One for you and one for I
Criticize my mean mugs; that's affection if we die
We living the dream of dreamers
But of course, we got some growing to do
And I know when I p*ss you off
You probably smoking a few
But I promise, when love enters
I ain't playing games
So I gotta let this song sing
Let the song sing

I watched that rose grow
From nothing near the pavement
And I love what I see in you, love
And you can rest assured
Rest assured
Rest assured
Rest assured
I can feel it [?]

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