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"Riconess Pt.3"

[Verse 1]
Did a homie lose respect
Everybody's on his check
Righteous mind i forget
Did i lose it all again
Man this the real ish
Trill bizz on the mixes
No cold flows
All hot
Im electric
Bolts to ya brain
Send ya thoughts to the sane
Im insane with the rhymes
You can tell it ain't a game
I wrote
I spoke
Crossed hope
Jumped rope
With my flows
The door kicked open
Tell ya ghost that im home
Just lane switch
Roll roll with the main bridge
Jiggy flow cambridge
Im flyin over gates and
Wish you were replacing the negativity in my life
Just positivity
And its increasing my likes
I got the freezin
The weekend
The sheets and
The women
The decent
My jeans and
Always something
Always shutting me out
Im never afraid
Unless the commentation
Bout drought
Im never dry
Wetting all the eyes
Man i seen em cry
Get the coats and the flies
Pull up
I rose up
We stuffed the nose up
Cool up
The close up
Take pics
And blow up
They so crazy
Amaze me
Amazing plays
They closing tracing
It all goes ways and
Dozin the patience
Most of the fragrance
Is smelly and wasted
Im burning the basement
Always something
The flows stay bumpin
Im out here crumpin
Why won't they trust em
I just said f*ck em
And kept on goin
(kept, kept)
And kept on goin

[Verse 2]
My flows above it all
Yall drowning in it all
I might submit my paper
With only five little words
Just get me out the curse
Im flying with the birds
Eye view
Catch the roads in
Light too
Catch a case of the flow
They so slow, jokes
Case closed
Im imposed
For the fight too
Case made its a show and a fight too
Bring the guns tell them n*ggas
Its a shot you
Get to me
In the dark
Im a fast move
Out the rounds
Drop the gun
And he runs too
A mistake folks
Its a shock too
(shock, shock)
Its a shock too

[Verse 3]
Its a shock too
Women like you
Mean alot too
Baby i do
Baby i do
And maybe this will
Lead us right too
Yea, yea
Im so fresh
Im so fresh
Tell ya n*ggas that im fresh
And tell ya b*tches that im fresh
And tell ya family that im fresh
Tell everyone im fresh

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