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"Influence Me"

[Intro: Wanzo]
This for all my homies

[Verse 1: Wanzo]
I'm like a franchise player
Cause you need me to win
I'm just out here tryna go from Honda Civic
To Benz
With unlimited cars and all the money to spend
A hundred mill to support all my family and friends
I'm the man on the mic when I'm rapping it right
Understand money talks when you stacking it right
Big dreams on my mind
And I'm new to the game
Born and raised in the hood so I'm never afraid
Dividends I was counting til the bills was paid
I'm a youngin on a mission and I'm bringing the pain
Couple girls used to laugh
Even turned me down
Now they got to wait in line like some j's is out
Cause it's lights, camera, action
Now I'm taking the lead
Funny how people change for the power of green
Tryna rise to the top like I'm one of the G's
Ice cold on the track
Put my haters on freeze

[Hook] (Wanzo and Rico)
(I'm riding slow, going down the street)
Ride Slow
Ride Slow
Ride Slow
Give me something I know
Bad chick
Got me high
Need Influence
Everyday Trials, no no

[Verse 2: Rico]
(I can think of anything I could flow off)
It's magic in this booth
I light this match I bet I blow now
And friction give me sticky mess to hold now
And maybe when I slow down
It's more pounds
Them more rounds
That's more packs
That's more hounds
(Dogs Barking)
Has more sound to add now
When a sucky brother tryna get up
Bunch of homies tryna dress up like us
I've been racin
I've been chasin
All this paper out this basement
Give me money out control
And I'm zonin like before
Travis Scott all in my room
Backyard we chillin as we roll
Got a crazy intermission
I tell stories
You kill babies
And ain't no type of thought
But hate and all these slayings
I swear
I just want to write
Give my music to the people
Tell my dawgs, I'll make changes to these peepholes
I know
They want to slay me
And tell me I ain't nothin
Why you got to hate my music gone be somethin
Now we stuntin
This the best of really nothin
But flows to give to tell
To my new son


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