Guilty Simpson
Coroner’s Music
You gotta look around, there ain't nothin' changed
I sho' hope somebody's listenin' to what I'm sayin'

[It'll be a cold day in hell
I would never change, my style or my profile]

Coroner Music, G.S. boi!
O.J. Simpson...

[Verse 1]

Coroners must love my shit for certain, I keep 'em workin'
Cause your boy got pull like a diesel person
In this rap tug-o-war, I yank the cord and watch 'em all fall down
My rapport is lethal, no equal, no survivors, no sequel
None compare, they crumble when the monster stares
I see through you, my heat do to you what they should have did
Molotov cocktails tossed in ya crib
Death to the fake is the only way to live
Mama said give, car is charity
Guns at the temple for a moment of clarity
There's no comparing me, please!
I'd rather be a corpse than compared to these wack emcees
Make a list, whoever you dudes take, never confuse great
I do 'em in like tube steak, and digest 'em
Seven Mile section, vest for protection, it's no correction
Guilty, I got next, and a red-dot to the chest of these of these so-called high prospects
I got techs and techniques unknown to those
That misrepresent the stage when I stole the show
Detroit the city you suppose' to know, already
Respect my home, the dreads heavy
Deadly in the jungle, wit' a machete
Choppin' through vines, organized crime
Solar eclipses couldn't stop my shine
Tryin' to sabotage when I jot my rhymes
On a stone tablet, I use hammer and nails
Poppin' aspirin, the rap game environment(?) is hell
Stay ???, they wanna do me in like Kwame
So I killed Patrick, it's still practice
To keep it ghetto, pull more strings than Geppetto
And laugh while the stray echo, and wake up neighbors
What I toke's ridiculous, I spit black licorice flavor
How you a playa? they put you waivers
Black acid, when I drop on paper
O.J. Simpson, Ode to the Ghetto: The Remixes
Evil, like three sixes