Guilty Simpson
The Hex
Yeah uh Random Axe
Yeah listen

[Verse 1: Guilty Simpson]
When ya boy is confronted
Consider that as the hunter being the hunted
I crossbow harsh flow, hit em in the heart
I'm the true terror beneath the New Era
It's like y'all acting but forgot y'all parts
So I'm yelling cut to reclaim my art
Flipping with my lyrics under clean dismount
Stealing all the rap, call it five finger discount
Spit out phlegm, spit out gems, spit fire
Militant mind state, watch for trip wire
I rhyme like peers of mine don't exist
Twist the top on the Henny
And MC's bucket kick like little Kenny
Any motherfucker disrespecting me, send me
Damn me fully, all-black hoodie
The color of your future, color of the Ruger, pussys

[Verse 2: Sean Price]
Yo, Afro-American gangsta, I'll shank ya
Sharpened toothbrush in the gut of a wanksta
Cone head hoodie, no K.K.K
Just may-day, may-day when the AK spray
I'm a two time felon, I'm on work release
Give work to my workers and they work the streets
Back in the white Beamer, level four armor
Roll the window down, let the metal roar Contra
No video game shit, give me your chain bitch
You like being broke
I like selling cocaine shit
Rich Porter, Maserati Rick shit
Pitch quarters in the lobby with the piff lit
I pull out my piece and I pop you, Papi
You prolly want peace like Mahatma Ghandi
Fuck peace, I'm a beast bitch
I pop pellets in the person, I'm a piece of shit
P, motherfucker
[Verse 3: Black Milk]
Back to back verse for the apes
Stay murdering shit, First 48
This, that, ghetto flow, dirt do-wop
Sirens on who block, money in the shoe box
Teddy bears on the light poles, who shot
Give em that night flow, ice cold new rock
Hands in the air
Fans cheer up from stairs from standing in the chair
And I don't really care what's happening over there
I just want my money in layers, while landing in the Lear
Can't compare, we know that is unfair
How he's known from city to city like he was your mayor
Be clear it will never be fair
Turn the stove down on if theres any beef's here
Time for the next, live is the hex
Kept it dirty like cassettes that's live from the decks, go