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"Rone & Real Deal vs. Troy Brown & Roosevelt"

[Round 1: Real Deal]
What the f*ck would you really do if I punched you in the face?
Exactly what I thought
He'd turn Revis, Jet to the corner and this fag would flag a cop
Now Troy George loves a rosey so he'd try to fight for you
All your life Troy people been telling you that's mighty white of you

Yo, f*ck your gun talk
Say what you would really do if you got all irate
Unfollow on Twitter, defriend on Myspace
Unstable, leaving the lunch table like "We weren't friends in the first place"
Yelling over the bathroom stall, "You're uninvited from my birthday."

[Real Deal]
I bet you and your homie spend Baltimore winters nights
Around a barrel of fire
Singing songs and harmonizing like they're in a choir
Soften his feet with a little bit of change in a coffee tin
Rubbing two mittens together, cigarette dangling off his chin

I ah, I played all your battles for some Caucasians one night
Put 'em on, then said, "Just listen" then played them all twice
They said he came across light, he can't at all fight
Grammar game is all tight, he uses big words and he say 'em all right
"Y'all can look now" "No way! He's not white!"

[Round 1: Roosevelt]
I had absolutely no idea how to write for you
Just to make myself clear
Then I took a look at them sh*ts, I was like, "Psst, f*ck it Troy we'll play this by ear"
Yo, and when you're not giving fallatio
You stay at home and remember the time you embarrassed yourself on TV like, "Don't tase me bro!"

[Troy Brown]
Yo, I get a lot of comparisons to Rone
Difference is, you're barely skin and bones
And like wearing women's clothes
I'm a Maryland terrapin, you're a Marilyn Monroe
Ayo, if I catch you on that bench I'll take your gems and your necklace next
Cause you're from that city of that dumb bell but you ain't fit to rep your set

Yo, you have the key to his chastity belt
And you look like the Nestee snowman after he melts
Yo, you f*cking regular Joe, I bet your family's nice and fit
I bet you have a wife and kids and pay taxes, like a b*tch
Yo, you got the face of a country singer
And when you're sporting those puppy t-shirts
You look like a 40 year old Justin Bieber
If he was casted for a supporting role in Jungle Fever
You studied theater, you've been an actor since day one
Y'all conduct some research, you're not your brother's keeper
You switched up on ZM faster than Chang Sun
I guess Adam's been spent so much time talking to snakes he actually became one

[Troy Brown]
You ain't moving state to state with fresh coke, keeping keys in the car
You're moving state to state cause Fresco keeps keying your car
You got no punches and a voice fit for female genitalia
If everyone from your town had your sound
They'd have to change the name to Filler-delphia
And if you're the original man, then it actually seems odd
Ruff Ryders chose the girl from Philly to add to the team dawg
I guess they're still waiting on Adam to Eve-olove
You're about as tough as an Avril Lavine song, you ain't really a threat
Yo, you raise your voice and blow hot air
I'll squeeze a balloon to there's no helium left
You better play your cards right
Cause I'll make a solid pair and peel through your flesh
Cause if you force me to fold my hand, Deal will get decked

[Round 2: Real Deal]
Lipton Iced Tea and ear jokes, that's some irrelevant sh*t
I'm a rap star, your mother calls me Bad Bar I give her elephant di*k

Yo, you call me a theater major to try to see my reaction
But I'll make you look like a beat faggot without theatrics
And I won't be acting
Yo, like Cannon, I also don't believe you would a Mag', sh*t
You probably have an awesome dad, who's cars a van
Who carts his ass to kickboxing classes and hockey practice
I can do it too, you're just talking fast b*tch
That speedy speech won't help you sell it's not an auction faggot!

[Real Deal]
You got a face just like a grandpa
I bet you're the 17 year old hooker that got caught giving Lawrence Taylor a hand job
Wait a minute, I remember you at Bad Blood
You was cuddling and kissing that large hoe
Telling everyone she was a star cause she looked like a before picture of Star Jones

And if you haven't seen his girl, it should really tell you something
That her nipples are on the same line as her belly button
And I know you say that "pus*y is pus*y" but that mantra is hazardous
Because pus*y is not pus*y if that pus*y has a di*k

[Real Deal]
Why you get all p*ssed off lyrically
If you're just soft physically?
You gassed up cause you and Farum has the greatest battle in Kidz Bop history
Don King, Don Trump, I mean all of the dons are feeling us
And who the f*ck are you? Hallow the Don Cornelius?
You! You are a coke fiend Troy and that's your primary focus
You know how I know? Every time Roosevelt's voice cracks, you try to smoke it

[Round 2: Troy Brown]
You battled A-Class and weren't prepared to do your rap
So you through up your hoodie and did your best Larry Hoover act
They say karma comes around, that's rarely true but Class
Finally got to cut Ferris Bueller back

Well f*ck that yo, that battle as a whole was amazing
That was the first time I'd seen a b*tch choke on an Asian
Yo, we spit with ProTools cause our craft is better
This hick has pro tools, Black And Decker

[Troy Brown]
When I think "old school" I think Run-DMC with the patent leather
When you think "old school" you think "last semester"
Damn it Trevor, you can't borrow any of my black panther sweaters

Rone, you read? Stop being a faggot, buy an X-Box and get your act together
And since you're an English teacher when I perform my rapping lecture
Pull up Microsoft Word and f*cking correct my grammar error

[Troy Brown]
We only invited you nerds here because we support integration
But now they wanna hear a Brown verse cause they're bored of education
But this ain't the apocalypse of racial intolerance
I can swell up your lips
That's just what he wants, a face full of collegian
So I won't react with the force of 80 Somalians
Cause even if I remove Adam's rib, I couldn't take the b*tch out of him

Yo, the only time that he will com-bat with a strike
Is when his teaching contract isn't right

[Troy Brown]
Ayo, and you beat Charles Hamilton nice
So why's he in the music game pursing fame with song fans and the liking
And you're into music games cause you just play Garage Band every night

Real Deal is in a position that Rone doesn't have
So it's ironic that he's the teacher and you're holding him back

[Troy Brown]
I'll hit 'em BOTH with a smack
I don't even have to deploy the clips at 'em
Y'all said my past battle history so you won't shoot back
Though I can avoid the Big Kannon

Heavy handed upper cuts
Joints and limbs snapping

[Troy Brown]
Making shoulders shake and pop

It look like Poison Pen laughing

[Verse 3: Real Deal]
Why you trying to perp like you're straight and your bars are sick?
You on stage with a hundred dudes and your nipples are hard as sh*t
You talk that whole time back and forth, you gon' stomp me, not
This is a mismatch just like blonkie's socks
Ayo, check it
You saying you don't sound like Condoleezza Rice
Is like me saying every player on Ghana's soccer team is white
I mean, why do you spit like you're so gutter
When you look like Winston from Ghostbusters
Y'all might not believe it, but I saw a picture of this old buster
It was a family photo, that was taken back at Princeton with [?]

Check me, yo, if you're not getting bullied, you probably should be
I be talking to you through the locker like, "pus*y!
You do my homework 'til you get a growth spurt."
Then spit in your sloppy joe and poop in your yogurt

[Real Deal]
He said something about teaching
If you was in my class, the name tag would read "Hoe" on your desk
Every day that you'd dress as a dude I'd write you up for inappropriate dress
I'd give extra credit to every bully that steals a pair of sneakers off him
And you could watch me skull f*ck your mother at every parent teacher conference

Yo, look, a bi-racial team in a world of segregation
Brown couldn't beat us, you're right, but at least you beat the Board Of Education
And if you're religious, that's delicious
I hope you sleep with rosaries
I'll lay a rose for Rose where Roose sleeps and choke his themes with rosey dreams
Troy's trash, Teddy's ass yes indeed! Rosey's cheeks
Deserves the high five from me and I'm leaving rosey cheeks

[Round 3: Roosevelt]
Just cause you talk loud, don't act like that boy hype
Over there looking like Troy White

[Troy Brown]
Rosey hates you, cause you let Caustic escape from out his bird cage
Your son hates you cause he still has to go to school on Take Your Child To Work Day

So I'll walk upon your land just to see how your farms doing
And the second you turn around BOOW! sheep in a sharp shooter
f*ck it, you're past lame, you better start running on that way
You do impressions can you can't leave one in the rap game

[Troy Brown]
You battle with cats who get paid to rap but made no cash for yourself yet
But with that sloppy grammar, I bet you can't even spell "check"
You're broke!
And I heard your ex-wife snorts coke
Sorta like Scarface

So we made her suck our di*k for crack
She was stuck between a rock and a hard place
Stupid tramp

[Troy Brown]
Scooped her fast

Took her faith

[Troy Brown]
Scooby Snacks

Got her wet

[Troy Brown]
Hoover Dam

He walked in

[Troy Brown]

You're creative?
You try to be gay that's why when you rap YMCA
I don't care if you're finding it strange
I'll lock you inside of a cage with nine different apes like "Try and escape"
No, no, you dropped ZM...for him?!
You don't give a f*ck how your friend's feel?
Or you had to find a new partner because he thought you were garbage
Get Real!

[Troy Brown]
I don't give a f*ck
Yo, I'll hit him up
Interrupt your beer cade game like
Dixie cup
Lift it up
When he looks

Kick the nuts
Stop calling me a wigger
I'm not on that wigger stuff
I ain't playing 'round, I'll f*ck y'all

[Troy Brown]


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