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"Rone vs 360"

[Round 1: 360]
When I first met Rone, he was wearing a gay top hat
I said, "First things first f*ckhead...take off that"
On his iPhone, this faggot got a gay porn app
Your mate called Matt rang, he wants his baseball hat and his skateboard back
He's the type to crack at a DJ playing Akon tracks
Get in his face like, "Motherf*cker where's the Asop at?
You sound lame on tracks
I doubt that Grind Time are paying you
When I was back home doing drive-bys on kangaroos
This motherf*cker was doing high 5's to skater dudes
The first song he made was, "I'm Black With Pride"
The second song he made was called, "In Fact I'm White"
He listens to Jurassic 5
Watches re-runs of Drake on Degrassi High
And puts his fists in the air and screams "Rap's alive!"
You on some 120 sh*t b*tch
You ain't even half of me
He's such a f*cking pus*y he makes Carter Deems look like Charlie Sheen
Time c*nt!

[Round 1: Rone]
Yo, the bulk of the dirt that I got on your country
Was after watching 10 minutes of Crocodile Dundee
But Lush said I should get pumped for the occasion cause
You're like your country's smartest non Asian
Yo, it's a novelty still but with all of my skill
If you thinking I'm gon' say some dumb sh*t like Steve Irwin or Keith Urban...I probably will
Yo, so f*ck if it's well written you gon' need well wishes
This is gon' get ugly as Mel Gibson's self image
Yo, I'll call your girl a beast with a yeast infection
You'll still call her "Clementine"
You get her thighs, spread 'em wide, I bet it smell like Vegemite
You wanna go with the girl games well sucker let's spar
I got her phone number and hit the text hard
For my next charge, someone get Ken Starr
Send her a picture with my di*k in my hand like Brett Favre
I'm Honest Abe mixed with Johnny Wayne
Mixed with John McCain, mixed with John Mcclane
So f*ck your standards for quality
f*ck your cultural oddities
f*ck your boomerangs, your Fosters, your koalas, your wallabies
I'm the coroners for foreigners
You're sewn up for Hell
So welcome to America...go f*ck yourself

[Round 2: 360]
I can't believe that any of these dudes thought I'd never defeat you
You've got the build of a heroin needle
And the face of a lesbian eagle
So your best friend is a seagull
And you're acting all mean
Homie you're not clapping at fiends you f*cking flapping them wings
I bet The Eagles are his favorite band
You vers' Kid Caustic look like two Emu's doing the mating dance
If I was there I'd stand up and be like, "f*ck Rone"
Pulled out my boomerang and killed two birds with one stone
Yo, if I lived at his stupid house I'd crack his jaw
Because he keeps making rooster sounds everyday at the crack of dawn
I bet when he first heard of a team called the Atlanta Hawks
Is the only reason this faggot is a fan of sports
So I understand why you standing there looking all chirpy son
It ain't cause you're happy it's cause you look like a bird you c*nt
And with that blue head standing there, acting like it's all good
But whenever you get angry motherf*cker everyone gets awkward

[Round 2: Rone]
Maybe cause I'm at my peak or your twisted family tree
They call you "Uncle 60" but you're looking like an aunt/ant to me
And I give a sh*t less if this b*tch is 6'10"
Hands swinging across your face like Big Ben
Plus my gun talk dirty as a f*cking pig pen
I hit a homer with your Barbie and let the Cal' rip Ken
If I had to get you, really grab a pistol, it's that Magnum issue
To blast a missile, with that long magazine like the fall fashion issue
Yo, but you got Internet goons that would ride in a millisec'
Cause you're the Internet nerd that made it out of the Internet
You even went Go Karting
Then went in an accident and got your scrotum ripped
I don't have a punchline I just thought America should know of this
Yo, it's not so smart to Go Kart but don't be startled
You're not going crazy, but you almost lost your marbles
So, you an action sports dork or yet it would seem
Letting off steam by yelling extreme
Mountain Dews, mounting dudes
Your bros got mohawks, think hardcore is an art form
Of fist pumps and sick jumps
Like rock climbing and hang gliding and zip lining and cliff diving
And aaaaahhh, a lot of this
A lot of that's going on

[Verse 3: 360]
Yo, your dress code is sh*t
You need some men's clothes that fit
You gay as f*ck whenever you say a punchline you bend both your wrists
And I bet Rone gets p*ssed when people say he's metro or b*tch
But what else can you say when you make Fresco and Twist look hetero as sh*t?
And on the net he says dumb sh*t
Like, "I'm just hanging with a bunch of black friends"
But when you know him in real life you realize he doesn't have them
Faggot, you crew up in the country with your cousins and pets
And when you wanna go camping you just jump the back fence
Ayo, f*ck Rone's life
Yo, this c*nt's so white that his mom's Snow White
He's never been outdoors but he's had sunstroke twice
And he acts like he's black but f*ck knows why
b*tch cracker, you probably get skin cancer from one strobe light
I can see your aura...I can feel it
It's white as f*ck!
I'd tell him to get some thicker skin but it's literally impossible for this faggot to lighten up
Time c*nt

[Round 3: Rone]
Honestly yo, 360 yo, your whole sh*t doesn't bother me
And I've been meaning to thank your accent for all the vagina it's gotten me
sh*t, my friend's little sister even thinks that you're hot
That little b*tch is a dyke though, addicted to twat!
Yo evolution is getting twisted so what kind of man is this?
b*tch you look like Ke$ha with Chelsea Handler's di*k
So if I should be so lucky as to have myself a gringo
I'll raise my child right and have my baby eat your dingo
Lake monster, giraffe, motherf*cking flamingo
You the vanilla Denzel I'm the vanilla Mandingo
Yo, and your junky's swags heavy with that wine house flavor
Making Caddy's behavior look like Tammy Faye Bakers
This skeezer never has a condom, but he always has an answer
Like, "I've got a rubber band and a Milky Way wrapper"
Yo, with no letters, '60's finished minus his flimsy gimmicks
I think I see B.S./CBS like I'm watching 60 Minutes
So I'll go dininin on in a matter of 60 seconds
'Til your dinner is gone then I'll eat 60's seconds
Yo, I stay focused and blessed, I'll open your chest
And a flood hits your home while we hope for the best
Now your empathy lies with the homeless and dead
Cause you know what it's like to be in over your head

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