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Everyone in your parish
Gonna pray that I perish
Heathens know I'm no cherub
So I'm the one that they cherish
I could not care less
But that don't mean I'm careless
You won't find me out in Paris
No days off, I'm not Ferris
But still, me walking by that's enough to catch a high
Finger tips sticky enough that I can catch a fly
You think I'm wrong? Well that's something that I'm baffled by
Cause committing crimes is as American as apple pie
It helps me book clubs
But you're in book clubs
You get the difference man that ain't a good look cuz

I'm so committed (x4)
I'm so committed to committing these sins. (x2)

I'm so committed (x4)
I'm so committed to committing these sins. (x2)

A leader of men, you know I'm gon' sin, again, and again and again and again
And I could bet just what could be said but it's harder to worry about when I'm dead
I am that needle in the haystack
I give a damn about a damsel on a train track
I bet that b*tch more a b*tch than that payback
Politically incorrect - I'm not supposed to say that
Oh well
I'm in the parking lot with sweet deals
Selling caffeine pills saying that they e-pills
Kids don't want a refund, they just want a refill
If I don't flip them then I know then that machine will
The Anti-Christ I know what being bad is like
Cuz that green shines even when the traffic light


I suck moscato
Like a mosquito
While I'm getting hit on by your abuelita
On a steady diet of sugar drinks and doritos
Hopped up I whoop your ass like Phil or Don Vito
I'm so nuts no almonds or pecans
I walk as crooked as that everyday police man
So the have nots wanna rock me like the casbah
So my cash box empty but it still padlocked
A fiend if I see weed sh*t I'll smoke it
Even if it's green seaweed sh*t I'll smoke it
I'm lovin' it
Yeah man I'm grinning while I'm sinning
I am so committed that I should be committed

I'm devoted to smoking, committed to sipping
Every minute I'm focused, cuz I'm finished with wishing
That's why, I never sleep I never call it a night
And if being wrong is wrong then I don't wanna be right
That's why

I'm so committed x16

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