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Jam Baxter

"Altitude Sickness"

Verse 1 [Jam Baxter]:
My my that's a sh*t spaceship, can we switch places?
Looks like a kid made it
From a wet box
Take off in T minus twenty slim years in ethereal deadlock
Flight manual mangled
Which way's up again?
Text the directions to oh seven double ten triple six two five
See you in a few light years on a new vibe
Now who's driving?
Blue lightning bolts can prove frightening for pig headed pilots
More fool the righteous
More fuel to guide us
Cooking on a match head
Knee deep in diesel
Re-heat the rats nest
We're hungry out here bruv
Moon suited zooted up dagger tongued sprats in secluded spaces
Take off in three, two, wonderful
Right, great, good, I'm guessing everybody's comfortable
sh*t's semi functional
My my that's a sh*t blueprint
Looks like a kid drew this
But the foolish plans of mice, men and flops sometimes work when the pressure drops
So I said "grab a mask breathe deep and lie back"
De-shank your eyes in a bright black sky map
Sullen stung brain from a lost age finds metal
My flying sky vessel

Verse 2 [Ronnie Bosh]:
I tried to escape from the midday spackage
Wrapped it all up in a grim grey package
Here sits ape static, the mid space classic
Ladies and gentlemen, as if they manage
Strange planet? Looks like it's made out of paper
Take down the vapour and wait out 'til later
The great vegetator, saviour of lost men
What friend? I'm a hold mine 'til I drop dead
What's next?... A pint of interstellar artois
Wishing on a star while I'm giving them the last chance
That's a half arsed attempt at a rocket
Sod it, is anybody left there to dock it?
Less of the chronic, more pence in the pocket
Reset the robotics, connect to the sockets
Forget what you wanted, protect the dishonest
Forget all the knowledge of the debts that you promise
I'm rocking mechanised keks like Wallace
So take my inside leg sket, I'm on this
Rocking the asteroid belt of a champion
So I hope understand me son, or man be gone
You're listening to Jams and Ron
From the odd little rock that we're standing on
Scanners on, take off's in three, two, wonderful
Fine, great, good, I'm hoping everybody's punctual

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