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Jam Baxter

"Mr Whippy’s Benz"

[Verse 1, Lee Scott]

It's looking dry out, I'm saving for a rainy day
In fact, f*ck that, might just make it rain today
I need some gold bricks
So I can pave the way (Why?)
On a beach in a hammock, while you slave away
Wrist, wrist, wrist
Whip, whip, whip
I walked in and pick a b*tch
Ip, dip, dip
I'm Slick Rick slick
A conscious rapper
{Why are you pausing that?}
I'm pausing on some 'Suck me di*k, b*tch' sh*t
Look, I used up every last favour
Looking like an early 90s ??? raver
Rap saviour
To the rescue
I'm in the motherf*cking house 'til the rent's due
Then I bounce like the plod
Clock me for a [?]
Microphone check two
'Cause I don't f*ck with no one

I'm the man and so on
Your b*tch stressing out
'Cause I haven't got my phone on
Peasant ??? Lee
Most violently pleasant MC
I make a whack rapper quit
Get a degree
On Ethiad I'll be flying over Baghdad
I'm grandsoning you
I'm your dad's dad

[Verse 2, Trellion]

I'm in a terraced house
On a leather couch
Speedballing tryna level out
Cheese talking, yeah my cheddar loud
Get your chick to get 'em out
Then I tell her pal
She can get it now
She was clueless before
But she get it now
And when she's on my nuts she makes ferret sounds
Fire shots from a hired yacht
This piece of rope's getting married to your throat
Imma tie the knot
I've been illing since yea high
Up on the yay, high
Stuff you in a trunk
Body dumped in a lay-by
Nothing you say's nice
I'm up in the A5 doing 150 plus up on the A5
Pose for the camera
Your b*tch roll my spliff, suck my di*k at the same time
She's so talented

They all want the danks
I've got clients on demand like John DeCamp

[Verse 3, Jam Baxter]

Oi, sorry
I didn't hear a single sentence
I tuned out in a thousandth of a millisecond
Can't find medicine to soothe all my ill intentions
Step inside, check my p*ssed off chick collection
It's in my bedroom
I'm in an alley
Vacant pockets 'cause I dumped my wrap and rinsed my baccy
Strips of Trammies, strips of Ritties
Mr Scatty popping Mitsubishis
Inner visions, inner city
Little intermission
Pour liquor in me
Flick the ciggy
I'm handing out medals to kids that could spend a minute with me
'You seem a little fishy, Mr Whippy'
Cruise at 60, 50 goons crammed in the mini
Trippy, trippy
Climbing in hi-vis
Leave your whole mind demolished
I'm on them psychotropics
In the tropics
I keep a tiny knife inside a locket
You're 9 to 5ing in a silent office
Nothing, that's the best I can promise

I'm the truth, I'm dishonest
I just won a dance off with Mia Wallace
I just spent half the day tryna find my wallet
At midnight I found it
Inside my pocket

[Outro, Lee Scott]

I want that benz
But I spent all my money on drugs
So I'll probably have to
Rob my friends
It's all love, don't worry, I'll give you a lift to the shop
From the ends
It's cool, I'll drop your kids off at school
And give 'em some of your
Guap to spend
I don't want no money, your b*tch's b*tch
I just want that benz

(Then repeat)

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