Donkey fart

"Dynamic Slatts (pt 3)"

n***as f**ked up in the crib watching porn with their little bro
I just slapped my gay cousin with his orange and black dildo

This fat ass n***a said he in the field but he can't even do pushups
This b*t*h swear she has titties but she only wears pushups

n***a f**ked up in the crib need a haircut like Mike Carwin
Me and JR under the bleachers smoking that nuggets pack with ?

n***a said he rockin' true religion boy you rocking Levi's
I just robbed my old granny for a f**king Key Lime pie

How this n***a get b*t*hes and he smell like Poo Poo and sh*t
This n***a head built like a Milk Dud and it look likе a d**k

My little cousin f**ked up in the crib watchin' X&XX
My rеtarded uncle finna go buy a Lamborghini with his LD check

Gave this homeless n***a $5 he ain't know that it was Counterfeit
n***a retarded n***a do a back flip for 55 f**king cents

I just leaked his address I made this n***a commit suicide
His momma tried to talk to me I kicked that b*t*h in the f**king pu**y lips

I just punched my cousin in the throat and f**ked his neck up
His dad came walking in my room with some big ass lemon peppa steppas
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