That Ring Down The Drain Kind Of Feeling
[Hook : Nadine Shah] x2
I'm back where I started
I'm back where I started again
Left broken-hearted
But maybe my heart's on the mend

[Verse 1: Ghostpoet]
I was walking down the street nonchalant, soft feet
Glanced across the way, my heart stopped straight
Is that my ex I see before me, new lover hand-in-hand?
I was thinking drat, damn,I was getting over this
I was behind the parapet but needed skimmed milk bad
So I weren't expecting this, now I simply feel sad
She was the apple of my eye but oh, the apple turned rotten
Let's forget and move on, that's forgotten

[Hook: Nadine Shah] x2

[Verse 2: Ghostpoet]
It's like all the strength built up means nothing after that
Flatline flat, deflated take that
I charge back to the flat, teary over split milk
Maybe take a few pills just an inch from the edge
Yeah, my mates all said "This was bound to happen, geez"
But you throw away those fools like a rag after a sneeze
And I'm like please, don't let that darkness take over me
Don't let that darkness take over me

[Hook] x2
Then again...

[Hook] x2