New Year’s Eve


[Verse 1: Rory Rodriguez]
Am I dressed up to bid you farewell?
Drinking champagne on top of your shelf
Will I still love you like this when it's midnight? (Midnight)
Watch the seconds, they're moving so fast
Am I a fool if I'm stuck in the past?
Will you still love me like this when it's midnight? (Midnight)

[Pre-Chorus: Rory Rodriguez]
Don't need therapy to give clarity
Let's toast to our neverafter
We could run in circles
If it means I won't be alone

[Chorus: Rory Rodriguez]
So how am I suppose to hold on
When you're breathing for another?
I needed you to trust who I am
We're not getting any younger

[Verse 2: Seneca Pettee & Rory Rodriguez]
I will drink 'til I can't feel the pain
I can feel it from miles away
Will I still love you likе this when it's midnight?
Oh, oh, oh, oh
And all the little things that arе killing me
But I can let it fit anyone
It becomes bittersweet that you've forbidden me
But don't you see that I don't wanna run
So don't act like it's all you have, sayin'
"I'll wait for you"

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