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Seth MacFarlane

"So Damn Emotional"

[Intro: The Sad Man, Seth MacFarlane]
Hey Brian? Yo
Yeah? How come you have a gun?
Oh wait, it's Family Guy, I love that show
I don't know. It's just weird you know, I mean, you're the last person anyone would expect to have a gun!
Well that's why I keep it here where it's safe

This is lit
It doesn't make any sense, why have it if you're not gonna use it?
I keep it... in case I ever want to commit suicide, okay?

That's deep bro
Oh... oh

[Verse 1]
Cause people ask me what I do
When I'm depressed
And I respond with
Ooooh, music
I freestyle all my music
Because it really brings out the emotion
*emotional autotuned crooning*
Oh yeah, that's emotional
Like I am, cause I'm sad
*more autotuned crooning*
This is my real emotion
I'm being real here, no fake
My wife is divorcing me
Cause I keep making these god awful songs
At least that's her words

*autotuned crooning*
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