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Seth MacFarlane

"Straight Outta Stoolbend (Cleveland Brown Freestyle"

[Intro: Jamie Kennedy/Mike Henry]
"Whoa, hold up, hold up, Pops. Ain't nobody gettin' out of this whip without dropping a little freestyle."
"Well, I don't know if I---"

[Verse: Mike Henry]
Straight outta Stoolbend
A crazy motherf*cker named Cleveland
This is my left hand and this is my beave hand
I'm spitting more wisdom than Morgan Freeman
They call me Hot Brown and the C-Bizzle
I don't mind rain if it's just a drizzle
Wizzle, wazzle, woozle, wait
Razzle, dazzle, doozle, date
Relatively S.T.D. free
Dropped Loretta, now I'm doing much better
Like upgrading to Escalade from Jetta
Yo, hey Donna, I wanna get on ya
And I'm kind of hungry so make some lasagna
I got a son, he's like a big fat Urkel
When he's in the nude he's like a big fat circle
Did I do that?
Yeah, you're big and fat
Drinking melted butter for a midnight snack
Shout out to Rallo - hello, as*h*le
You're two feet tall with a three-foot Afro
And my daughter Roberta
I don't mean to hurt ya
But more dudes laid on ya
Than a magnificent Serta
Y'all must consider me
You can't get rid of me
I'm the Cleveland Steamer
Come and take a big ol' sh*t on me
F-flow is so noice
White boys do my voice
And my rhymes are even harder than Sophie's Choice

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