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Got a camera again

f*ck's happening? Yeah, it's been a minute
Had to green up in it, now I gotta speak and hit it
I got the buzz lad, I'm set to get paid
If they ain't hating all I gotta say is get great
You just want the position I'm in
But that ain't gonna happen 'cause they listening in
I got the underground rap scene breaking the stories
You should thank me, why the f*ck you even hating me for it?
Doesn't make sense, swag in your face yes
What they set to do and I put stains on a shaved leg
I'ma party man, we only live once
A bottle straight sipping looking like I'm owning the club
And they yelling out my name and the phone won't stop
When I was Scott no one even rang me up, like what?
I used to dress poor skinny c*nt looking meth head
Now I'm fresh, done it all myself; Deadset
Who would've thought I'm the pick of the bunch
I'm that warm good feeling like a di*k in a c*nt
Now I've got a party coming and you're all invited
Got the date set now and it's time to supply it
You getting mad I'ma plug my sh*t
I was meant to p*ss you off, you can suck my di*k
So we kicking off in Sydney, make a move to Newie
Get my bud and rock the show come on you people knew me
From there we hitting Adelaide, I'm gonna steal a massive plane
And park the c*nt on stage and hop out with a f*cking acid plate
I'm Mozart, I go hard, I smoke up
Picking up a loan shark then I go to Hobart
It's well earned, then Melbourne; the f*ck's up?
Set so dopey can't believe I'm a drunk c*nt
I must jump up to Brissie with that sticky icky
Get on stage and pick a biccie right into your b*tch's titties
Then head west like yes, yes I'm in Perth
Sydney Swager, let me show you how
The king works lets out the way on the track, let me rock sh*t
Thought I better add, get your tickets now from Oztix
Got no shame come and whitness a star, but
Something that you'd kill to see, I rip 'em apart
I woke up with no drugs you know but
Within ten minutes I was high and toked up
Kerser come on, say it again, call it
What you want my I making it main
I'm loving how I'm feeling, Ratesy asked me at the start
What's my aim? Now we tripping 'cause we gonna hit the mark
To anyone who's doubted, how you feeling? It's all good
I'ma write this out and come to your hood
I'm in paradise, via sattelite
I hope you see it right here I'm rapping tight

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