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"Deadset 5"

[Intro: Gary Lightbody (Sampled)]
My bones ache, my skin feels cold
And I'm getting so tired and so old
All this feels strange and untrue
And I won't waste a minute without you

[Verse: Kerser]
f*ck's happening? Yeah, it's been a minute
If you've got a Tally-Ho, put some weed in it
Any style I rip to bits
It's Deadset five, can you picture six?
'Bout to hit the road like every year
Hit your state, yeah, the legend's here
Shake your hand but we don't fist pump
'Cause the rings on my hand leave ya fists split up
See us live, we're the best around
These girls get excited, they wet the ground
I hit the stage with sh*t to blaze
Make history's page, the King okay
Let me get into the tour, yeah state to state
Finally rich, let the haters hate
Tickets selling quick better save the date
Come see me on stage with ABK
February six will reveal this sh*t
Five pills popped in St. Kilda, Vic
Melbourne crowd, f*ck they off their head
Them c*nts don't stop till they drop and dead
Sold-Out Hi-Fi, got a bigger venue
Coke, weed, bass and pills on the menu
V.I.C come see what we can do
We do the sh*t other rappers pretend to
Back on my sh*t then I'm back in Syd
Jumping in a crowd an attack a b*tch
In my hometown and I'm drunk as f*ck
I'm a sicker c*nt then a f*cking sl*t
Sydney represent like all my life
I think we connect 'cause we all alive
Bring your b*tch along, come see the lad
I'll be stuck to her c*nt like a libra pad
Then I'm at Bris at Eastern Hills
Gotta advertise so I'm eating pills
Brisbane fans always keep it real
And you can't tell them that they need to chill
QLD, f*cking love this place
Every c*nt high like they up in space
Brisbane's set that's some wild sh*t
We smashing 'em more than Miley's clit!
Then I lit a joint in south of Oz
Northern Lights, grab an ounce of pot
Yellin' out the crowd "Knock-out a cop"
Loving every minute, ain't about to stop
Adelaide weed, I swear it's so sick
f*ck flying home, I need a road trip
Sleeping on the wheel, Jay pass the coke quick
Rates in the back with the rack
Then we hit Perth, jump out the car
News around here I'm a f*cking star
b*tches got their tittes in a wonderbra
And we heading to the city in a marvelous car
Perth go hard every time we rap
Lost my brain here, I ain't find it back
Fremantle come and see the king
It's ABK, we the team to win
From the bottom man, can't deny the skill: raw
Had them all tripped my face on a billboard
Then the ARIAs, topped the sh*t
Number one album, go and cop the sh*t
Kers one with a gun in a mosh pit
Thought about it, I can get your tickets now from OzTix
King Kers, I'm the best of them, and
I recommend till Deadset ten man
You listen in 'cause I'm hectic man
With a hectic plan then I set the trend
Death threats got you sitting on your death bed
Saying that I'm dead, got it wrong I'm dead fresh
Picking up a mic, spinning out in a head mess
Bass so heavy that it's leaving c*nts breathless
Gotta say Next Step is the best yet
Cop that sh*t for the hits - Deadset

[Outro: Kerser]
Yeah, you know the go
I'll catch ya's at the shows
I'm feeling on top of the world again man
Yeah, I'll let Miley take it from here

[Sample: Miley Cyrus]
[?] [Kerser's] everywhere
[Kerser's] in the air like we don't care
[Kerser's] gonna have so much fun now
Somebody here [Kerser's] getting some now
[Kerser's] getting some now

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