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"Party Like This Pt 2"

[Intro: Nebs & Kerser]
Thanks bruz
Yo, um
All right, if you're on LSD, you need to get the f*ck out
'Cause we're gonna spin you the f*ck out
You in the V-neck – f*ck out!
Get the f*ck out! Right in your face c*nt
Ayo Kerser

[Verse 1: Kerser]
I'll f*ck a fake in the face with the face of a fake
Then I'm takin' away what they claim in this haze
Kerser one, you know the name, I got you readin' riches
Why I'm feedin' pimples, eatin' meat and missiles
Shut your mouth, I got it ready, you can say I've nearly cooked rap
We up in Campbelltown so just be careful who you look at
Puffin' the chronic, ain't it f*ckin' ironic?
I see a muffin, I'm on it, I got her up on the bonnet

[Verse 2: Nebs]
You cop a punch to the stomach, cough up your lunch and your vomit
Honest rappers sh*t the gear like there's a gun and I c*cked it
I make ‘em leave you proper lone and start becomin' a Gothic
Now they're on some emo sh*t, no more Muph & Plutonic
I straight p*ss in your pocket, you need to summon the prophet
You need to run to Mohammed, you claim you're tough and you rob it
But you're the one that’s just dobbing, there's a bit of a problem
You're like thirty years of age and you get f*cked up the covet

[Verse 3: Kerser]
I’m the lad that they talkin' 'bout in good ways and bad ways
Look mate, it's mad ayy, I took 'way your sad face
Battle rap sh*t, yeah I’m dyin' to be goin' at
Promotors say it’s hard to find me an opponent, but
Ain’t this c*nt sayin' that they raisin’ the bar?
Call 'em out, duck and weave, I be suckin' the weed
My attitude stays mate, they ain’t nothin' to me
Yeah, I’m somethin' to see like I’m one off the beat

[Verse 4: Nebs]
And then you run to police because you runnin' from me
Put the noose around your neck lad and jump from the tree
If hoes are constipated like a junkie on the gear
When it comes to lovin' man, you love it in the rear
If you want a real show, I’m just a phone call away
Right, we set 'em up on stage and I blow you all away
It's like I’m throwin' a grenade at the stage when I play
You knew the sh*t was hectic when I wrote it on the page, uh

[Outro: Nebs & Kerser]
Yeah, warn 'em 'bout the soup
Um, there's some soup in the kitchen
Um, if it makes you feel drowsy or anything like that
Don't drive a motor vehicle or operate any machinery
And then f*ck the clowns with the skinny jeans
And now sh*t their pants and they're gone
Oh, yeah, another warning
I put some Valium in the punch
And f*ck it, I'm just gon' say it
If anyone's got that mature porn, seventy plus sh*t
[?] to it
We out

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