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"Live spit"

Walkin in the club and I'm sketchy cuz I see them coppas and I got them drugs drugs, dack em in my pants an I'm walkin never talkin and I'm hopin they don't cuff us, never gonna happen to fresh when I'm rappin back chattin get smacked you trust us, been around the street never on to repeat see heat your (*##$es touch us, back in up quick no %#@! so sick won't quit throat slit and your askin I wrote this, come around you can stand and watch like Kers but you're just not a fan of Scott, demand what I want and I'm gonna go get won't jet till I own jet say the man is home yep run %#@! what I tend to do meant to do offenden you, talk %#@! get hit with a d**k in a mouth left the load in a box you were licking it out, how ridiculous is out keep spinnin you out the times mine mother$#&@er and the minute is now, get up get lick with the $#&@ %#@! every time I drop %#@! kick like we drum kit if we comin back %#@! kid you're a dumb prick didn't get that hint hint your a $#&@ wit, Kers rip and stole the shreads so high won't try cuz I'm flyin to death you confident to the spotlight on dack a piece of 14 with the spotlight on, watcha gunna do when the man rock up your were made shake my hand but your hand got stuck cuz he didn't wanna let go I'm like get bro my rhymes tighter then the jeans on a metro me with the best flow holding it down Kerser one mark this is the ultimate sound, and I'm runnin a muck tell a new born baby that your mum is a !@#% roll with the c**ts you where warned about torn down with a raw sound thought about if I cut your head split like left and right hold tight call this brain exercise, pile of swag cuz I'm ohh so fly put a hit on me but I just won't die that confident @@#!y to fight against my raps there rocking you drop your crew whats hot to do my option 2 pop shots at you but my lyrics are the bullet and you coppin a full clip so ice cold yeah I'm back in my cool %#@! , rule this rap crucify you in the long run now hop your shoes are tied I told mum use a gut ill run the business she like get a job thank $#&@ i didn't and that some true %#@! watcha gunna do if I have to choose this rappin I'm here for that only say it once cuz you hear me lad
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