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"Leftovers (Live Spit)"

The sh*t that I spit has me thinking I'm the boss sh*t
My CD's shine, I ain't gotta gloss it
Eyes red sh*t I think I'm seeing double
End of this night yo I think I'll be in trouble
I ain't need a court case, I ain't need a court date
Only thing I want is some weed and some more pay
I thought ay I'm the sickest you've seen
So f**k them others rappers you just listen to me
And my team we on some freak sh*t I'm telling ya it's freakish
You be my b*t*h in the kitchen with the clean dish
Ain't no effort in this I still an A grade
Other rappers hate me cause they jealous and they ain't paid
I got fans yeah my fans are f**king sick
You got fans but your fans you plug them in

You chucking in I got bud you just f**king spin
f**king spin, f**king spin has it sunken in?
Too clever and you call me a dumb c**t
I used to be broke what I wrote got my funds up
The f**ks up?
I'm kinda in a good mood
Thanks to the tabs and the cones and the cooked shrooms
I look smooth and clean I'm in the washing machine
Codeine for the powder man I'm so clean
Smoke green, light it up make your hoe scream
Freddy Kruger moving up and hoe this isn't no dream
From the slums I'm rubbing shoulders with rich c**ts
They know I got the money becoming known that I'm a sick c**t
Picking old b*t*hes up they playing bingo, I take them home they know the go, I gotta make them limbo
The king flow I hear you hate me true
But I ain't ever gonna stop it's what they pay me to do
Plus I honestly believe I am in the top 3 of this Aussie rapping sh*t 3 2 1 me
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