Big Yavo

[Intro: Big Yavo]
(Mmm, mmm, mmm)
[?] look (mmm, mmm)
(Uh, uh, aye, aye, aye)


I only move for the money
We can't talk if it ain't 'bout the cash (Aye)
Lately been feeling like Santa Onna North with these
Poles while I'm dropping off bags (Aye)
Yeah the b*t*h fire, but she can't get in the Sprinter
She ain't come with no ass (Aye)
I was shooting dice in the lunch room
Skippin' that class
Selling ZipLoc, just to keep customers Glad


Put up the paper and buy me some acres
And start me a farm
You know I'm a cash cow
f**k poles and guns
I'm having this cash
I'm drippin' this flag
But that's more sh*t to rap 'bout
You not a member
Can't come to my trap house
I can't hang with these n***as
b*t*h, I'm bringing racks out
I can't flop, if I do
b*t*h I go pull the mask out
Give 'em shells like turtles
Heard he hanging with rats now
(Aye) these n***as rats, sensei
I'm on the block, the Chembay
The racks that he flexing, I been made
Baby come f**k with a boss
Get your rent paid
These n***as stay with they daddy like dayday
Going nuts with this paper
They waiting on payday
Whole lotta money and problems
Getting used to this sh*t
Stay with my gun
Like I'm glued to that b*t*h
Won't stop, see a op
Then I'm using this b*t*h
See three of 'em
Usually two will get hit
(Aye) Tell 'em stop cappin
I choose to admit
You ain't having no hoes
You ain't shooting at sh*t
Why get him?
He ain't have none to do with that sh*t
And I'm done talking 'bout it
I'm through with that sh*t
Last hoe played me
I'm through with that b*t*h
Jackie Chan, Jet Li
How I usually kick
Newborn baby, how I usually spit
b*t*h I'm selling cubes
Got Rubix and sh*t
Whole lotta money off weed and music
Lil b*t*h
Getting tired of the ops
What ima do with this sh*t
Ray Lewis, how that drac' usually hit
Big pourin' Dusses and smoothies and sh*t
Fourteen years old with Rugers and sh*t
Hunnid bags on me, still eatin' noodles and sh*t
(Let's go)

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