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Alyson Stoner

"Lookin' for Love"

[Verse 1:]
Seal her with a kiss and close the envelope
I'm Valentineless but here's a love note
No candles lit, or fresh red rose
But I'm not alone

As my left foot steps on the intersection
The other half is doing the same this second
The offer of love is leading us from above
Pulling strings that we planned into one common thread

I could be waving down a taxi
Then he'll offer me a ride
On his bike through the city
And maybe we'll be standing in line
For some coffee and strike up a conversation

Or I could be
I could be heading to the movies
And hear someone yell, "Miss, you dropped your photo I.D."

And realize that this
Is the guy of my dreams
The one to spend my days with

Oh, I could be but I won't go
Looking for love, looking for love, looking for love
I won't' go looking for love, no
I won't go looking for love, looking for love
Looking for love, looking for love, no no

[Verse 2:]
I know the time will come
No, that's not my question
If you're the one is what I'm guessing

The spark is fun
And you keep me laughing
But there's more I'm after
Like how deep we connect

Your level of respect
Do we agree on the man
You're trying to be
I know patience is key

[Repeat Hook:]

Having this
The chance for a rise
What If I'm late
Am I wrong

Perfect timing tells me to wait
'Cause feeling is one thing
But the season for loving
Is still yet to come my way

You're worth it all
So I'll stay on guard
Wait my turn
'Cause I'm not in charge, no
And I won't, so I won't, no I won't

[Repeat Chorus x2:]

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