V V Brown
Fully been fractured
Fully been fractured
Fully been fractured
Lights lights lights lights
Fully Fractured

[Verse 1]
Lights, camera, action, walk
Still making that walk
Deals, meals, f**king hard
Cynical, windy paths
A&R's, bullsh*t stars
Click, switch, forget about that b*t*h
'Cause this game is hard like a b*t*h
Gotta be tough if you wanna run with it

[Verse 2]
Fierce power, boss, leader
Think hard, no fear
Run fast, 100 meters
Work, work, be a believer
Don't take no for an answer
Go get your sh*t, fight for it
Get your sh*t, fight for it

They said I would fail, they said I would crash
They said I would bail, they said I wouldn't last
But I'm still here

[Verse 3]
Strong, strive, head first
You knew from birth
Fight, smash, break down
Scream, fly, try, every time
Win, game, sweat, pain, start all over again
Twelve years underdog, trusting on your instincts