V V Brown
Crying Blood
[Verse 1:]
Can't believe what you've done to me
You got me feeling
Like a cloud in a stormy weather

Obviously it is hard to see
That the sun will never shine when we are together
How can you be so ignorant
To the fact that I'm a be in this pain forever

When you touch me
I go insane for a part
Like a wave of a baby feather
You believe that your holding me
Can't you see?

[Chorus x2:]
I'm crying blood
I'm crying blood
I'm crying tears
From my eyes that I can't deny
And I am falling
Like a comet from the broken sky

[Verse 2:]
Don't you come with your medicine
And be a doctor in the time of a needy child
I got my clothes and a mess for you
That's my hair to the side and I'm going wild

Tell me that you have turned around
Write a letter to my mother
'Cause she getting better
You can even do the crazy stuff
Because the shame is in the fact
You have never met her
Can't believe what you do to me
Can't you see?

[Repeat Chorus:]

(Oh, how you)
Oh, how you need me
Desperately need me
(Wish you could)
Wish you could love me
(Uncut just to)
Uncut just to need me
[Repeat Chorus:]