V V Brown
1, 2, 1, 2

[Verse 1:]
How does it feel like this
To be caught in a web of a heavy grip
Where you might want believe or try to admit
That the one that you love is a fool you don't realize

When will you finally wake up
And the love that you hold is a taste of bad luck
And all that you have is a bag full of lies
He's blinded you deep
By the look in the pit of his eyes

And If I knew that this could be
A total catastrophe
I probably would have told you
A little sooner so you wouldn't get hurt
If I could change this possibly
It would be how you want this to be

'Cause it ain't over till it's all done
So let me finish my conversation
Yes, I'm tryna get your attention
'Cause your distracted by affection

Can't you see that it isn't true
What you thought you had and you knew
And I've been chosen to tell you
That you're stupid and you know you gotta do it

[Verse 2:]
When you are deep in love
It is hard to see past all the dirt and the mud
You tell everyone that it's great and okay
When you know in your heart
That it hurts and it won't go away

Afraid to let go of the hand
That you held so tight when he said I'm your man
But his eyes seem to sway
At the flick of a switch
And you are alone in the dark
With a bruised broken heart
[Repeat Pre-Chorus:]

[Repeat Chorus:]

You know that I do get it right
The truest friend you can't deny
You know that I don't tell a lie

I know that you love him
It's clear that you put up a fight
To keep the love still in your life

But I must speak
The truth be told
Even thought I know you love him

[Repeat Chorus:]