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"Falling Star"

[Hook-Sample from Florence + the Machine]
A falling star fell from your heart
And landed in my eyes
I screamed aloud
As it tore through them
And now it's left me blind

Waking up, free falling
Even in my dreams I'm fly
They say I'm not ballin'
Well, I don't know why
Drive like a Focus
My mom tells me to stay focused
I look back, relaxed
Tell her I got us, I know this
The first impression made them second guess him
Now I won't stop till I teach the town a lesson
All about my salad
Croutons with the dressing
My name is on the ballot
But I still get second
Life's a b*tch
That's why I'm living sexist
Never change my motto
Until I get my death wish
On a track of dreams dreams
Do y'all get the message
Always do I wreck sh*t
That's why I'm living reckless
I'm young


You know you're ill
When your words give you the chills
Talking 'bout dreams
Yeah, they feel so real
Not talking Vegas
When they say I need a deal
I sleep on reality
I can't tell what's real
Made it past the bullets
I got a heart of steel
I can get a fortune
Without a wheel
I protect my heart
Without a shield
Driving to the money
No time for yielding
And when they take day off
I'm in the building
Feet up on the desk
Boss, I'm chilling
I used to pitch O's out like Shilling
A monster to these tracks now I'm killing
The Game

Cruising through your lane
Court-side with a b*tch
King like James
Screaming my name
I'm tryna get the fame
On the f*cking ground
But, no, I'm not change
Let it be
I replace
Go off and escape
To a world of my own
This is like home
I mean, what else they want from me?


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