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"Charls Barkly"

Can I get a moment in of silence for all the people in the world with no swag... alright long enough

[Verse 1]
I knock it out the park
Like Denny's Grand Slam
And I got club hits like Bam Bam
Someone get some bread
I'm going H.A.M
Hall of Fame swag
Everybody know I am

Charles Barkley (x8)

[Verse 2]
Instead of saying 'hi'
I say 'skank suck my scrotum' (Whoah!)
That's my genitalia
And the skin that hold em'
sh*t, I'm throwing bos
Head and shoulders
Ice in my drink
It make my drinks colder
And I want a pillowy mound of mashed potatoes
I threw some money on the ground and grew cash tomatoes
Let's get dangerous, Darkwing Duck
When I shoot stuff I make shots and its not luck
Because I'm-


You know what's terrible?
Haters with no swag
Crumple ya'll up
Like a paper bag
How come Ding Dongs look like hockey pucks?
Let's get dangerous, Darkwing Duck
Used the same line twice cause you know it's swag
Me up, hoes down, swag swag swag


Motherf*cker, I'm Charles Barkley x2
Grab mound of ground balls and rebounds and potatoes
n*gga I'm Charles Barkley
I'm so legendary motherf*cker
Legendary Swag
I'm Charles Barkley
I brought the NBA back for ya'll on Christmas
Ho ho ho, a ho I'll
Charles Barkley x2

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

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