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Grande Marshall



[Verse 1]
Seen it all like prophecy
Life's oddities
On this odyssey
Seen fame change friends to commodities
No apologies
Tryna get it properly
Tryna keep the camaraderie
Have needs
So a go getter I have to be
For me and my faculty
Paper what we have to see
Gathering gradually
We really live this sh*t no analogies
Gangsta my anatomy
Yila got the best of me
Shawty say she can't with me
Arrogance runs rampantly
I'm battling with vanity
We used to live scantily
Grappling with sanity
Human before anything
Especially what the man makes
My life and rhymes
I've realized it could be your time
Or your time to wait
It's hard but it all translates
Everyday ain't great
But I ain't got no complaints
I ain't tripping I'll be straight
Flaming the yahmeanery
Need a change of scenery
I get on these beats and talk like it's just you and me
Lord I pray my soul to keep
This game make these n*ggas weak
Accept change that's good for me
True to me you good with me
We moving onto better sh*t
Working reaping the benefits
I'm just living life
Steadily getting better with this
Ball koz I ain't fraid to lose
Scrape braise or bruise
We ain't played a day safe
Homie how bout you?

Whats your life like?
What you all putting in man?
Really grind for this

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