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Grande Marshall


f*ck my enemies b*tch
Actin' bad and gettin' rich
Uh Uh Uhhhhh

[Verse 1: GrandeMarshall]
Free all of my fed homies
Rest in peace to my dead homies
f*ck that other sh*t n*gga
Lets get this bread homie
One time for the real n*ggas
For them I will kill n*ggas
Stand in front the judge and never tell
And never squeal n*gga
Two times for the freak hoes
Murder mommies who respect the G-code
Keep her nose high and her heels too
On twitter like "Grande im trill too"
My n*gga, my n*gga, my n*ggas is n*ggas
For life young n*ggas wit a attitude
How you mad at that? That ain't real rap?
f*ck n*gga you still stuck in 92'
Hollow in yo head, this ya brain on drugs
Didn't momma tell you, "young n*gga don't mess with them thugs!"
Don't be no enemy of mine
Don't be no fake friend either
Cause all that's gon' get you's a bag
And a trip to the preacher
And I worked too get this sh*t
But I'd fight harder to keep it
Cold nights I slept with the heater
And a full clip a'soul eaters
Kept that mask on handy
A couple sacks a' that candy
A couple of blacks my n*ggas
Outback who wanna get off? fine n' dandy
I know you f*ck n*ggas been waiting
Been craving to hit something
Taking pages outta Craven's n*gga
Creepin' and bumpin'
We on that bullsh*t n*gga
Go head and bullsh*t n*gga
Keep grabbin' life by the horns
And end up as bullsh*t n*gga

This sh*t make a n*gga wanna get some bread or buss a head(x3)
Or f*ck my enemies b*tch, actin' bad and gettin' rich
(repeat x2)

[Verse 2: GrandeMarshall]
Black flags at full sail
Black mask with a gold shell
Titties hangin' out her camo jacket
Pack a 22-platinum Chanel
Hearin' threats but I ain't hearin' shots
Gettin' hate but I ain't gettin' shot
n*ggas talk but n*gga don't chalk
Young n*gga with a old soul
I came up wit a rare breed
Ain't no future in frontin' n*gga
Since a young bul I been a OG
What's money to me?
What's hoes to me?
What's drugs to me?
That's a lick n*gga
Ridin' round with the windows down
You hear the sounds in those sets n*gga
That set n*gga! (that set n*gga!)
Uhh, what that smell like?
Mixing weed, embalming fluid
Burn it like a gas pipe
Reaper in that crown vic
Creeper in that champ hoodie
Angels in that blunt wrap
Eatin' in that zip n*gga
My ghetto got the blackest nights
Runnin' from them blue and whites
Skippin and bouncin' on street lights
Word to the L and neither nights
Raw hide shawty, rubber never touch my b*tch n*gga
Everytime I bust know there's a rubber on my grip n*gga!


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