"Highdigger (feat. Na$ty, Lord Saiyan)"

Verse 1) Na$ty
It's always been the same with me
Regardless of that flame you keep
The hardest with the aimin' grab the stainless, now he claim defeat
You're not the same as me
Though you're wishin' for it, spliff and get distorted
Spit it--vicious--rip it, get to swordin'
Split em it's important to avoid this n***a
U get destroyed we like a droid of hitta's
Order more then pour the liquors
Hold up yo he brought his misses
She get snatched too
Half cracker black dude
Mad stack of hash too
Bad actin cash rules
Fk the f**kin sucka u get smacked like slappin vaccuums
Im back up in this classroom
With stats like a bathroom
The thrown jacka
On his own over coat hack em watch his chromosones act up
Disown me if you phonie know the homies keep the macs tucked
And burn em like a furnice on his dermis its just black stuff
Don't act tough....
That's a life or death decision
Triflin' as knifin' his nose bone and stifle kids quick
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