Busta (Fuxked Up) lyrics

Prynce Axxturel

Midas touch reiki, yo b*t*h say she like me
She like whats your name, what’s your sign, you a pisces
Hell nah b*t*h who said u could talk to me
Who said u could talk to him, better step leave me be x3

n***as hella quiet now not a whit not a whim
Better chill yo ass out, it’s gon' hit yo f**kin chin
f**k a jail cell n***as cannot bring me in

[demonic chanting]

Old ass n***a and you hella washed up, wassup
n***as know you round here as a busta, shot up
Shoot a n***a till the voices shut up
n***a I make sure u choke u gone get f**ked up

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