So, cool, umm
So, like, that's a really cool dress -- skirt
I mean...
Nah, I like the, the uhh, pattern
Do you wanna talk outside, or...?
Talk in the kitchen?
Maybe we can talk in the -- we can go outside?
Go to my place?

Let's have relations

[Hook x2]
Let's have relations
You and me, me and you
You and me, me and you
Me and you
Hook up?

We'd never know
How could we know?
How could we know the stars would align
We'd never find each other
Star crossed
Star crossed
Let's have relations
You and me, me and you
Me and you, you and me
Me and you
Hook up?

I'm saying
You and me, me and you
You and me
Hook up?

I think it's crazy, we've never met before
I'm wondering if we were supposed to meet in another life

I'm wondering
If tomorrow never comes
I don't want the sun to rise

If I could find you
Find you in the dark
Then I'm alright
And just maybe
Maybe we, maybe we will play tonight

All I really want is
You and me and me
Hook up?
I see the lights
[Childish Gambino]
And my world was stolen
Her margarita mix as we sip Ambrosia
Relax your shoulders
Don't worry 'bout it boo-boo, I'm a keep it kosher, bring your girlfriend over
Love is a conversation, this ain't nothing but chatting
I'm into having relations-ships a-sail, Chippendale all around the subject
You're all around the world, isn't that redundant?
Uhh, like the feeling the way you can't stop
Like the Nutty Professor grandma
Keeping tabs on all the right ones
When a n***a date your ex you wanna fight sum'n
Let's make 'em jealous, you and me both
I don't believe it, she telling me she Tim Tebow
Jones, Lolo, let the mood do something to ya
And see the light, hallelujah


Let's try it out now
You and me, me and you
You and me, me and you
Hook up? Hook up?
Hook up? Hook up?

Well I don't think you understand me when I say to you
That I'm really trying to know you better
Yeah, really trying to be with you baby
I really want you to let me in
Let me in, let me in, oh babe
Let's have relations all the way
Lets call it casual