Jill Scott (PS2 Freestyle) lyrics

Rx Papi

Real Rx
Real Rx

Walk in this b*t*h like Lil B
On the perc pill and a lil E
I [?] this b*t*h like a Martian
This a Audi, I'm not walkin'
When Pap talkin', stop talkin'
I was in the box with Bob Barker, I will backslap a n***a mama
pu**y n***as prayin' to see me under, Glock look like OKC Thunder
b*t*h say I'm sexier than Ted Bundy, I walk in the trap and I get it jumpin'
[?] n***as walkin' in Jumanji
Bullsh*t me [?] need a [?]
Auntie finna get her ass DDT
I walk in this b*t*h like Lord of the Rings, this sh*t'll get uglier than Booker T
I walk in this b*t*h like Mr. Walk-in-this-b*t*h
They tryna walk in how I walked in this b*t*h
This beat crazy, I'm walkin' this sh*t
Back to back, I'm talkin' my sh*t
They said, "Papa, why you always spazzin?"
Drank got a hit stick like John Madden
My chains [?] baddest
I walked in like Tony Soprano
Diamonds hittin' like a noisy channel
b*t*h it's Chanel, why you call it channel?
Papi too hot for you to handle, I hit thе pot and get dismantled
Ain't no power on in thе trap, Auntie in this b*t*h lightin' candles
f**kin' hoes like Future in your Gucci slides
'Til you get shot out your Gucci sandals
I walked in like "Swae, you ain't got the answers"
Glock make a n***a put his hands up
I walked in like the real Kanye
This [?], this not Bombay
I hate b*t*hes that move like Ciara
That gotta be the dumbest b*t*h in America
You know damn well that's not that boy dad
I wouldn't be mad if Future beat yo ass
Don't play games with a n***a [?]
n***a f**k around pop over your [?]
They wanna be JT and Yung Miami, all these hoes think they City Girls
556, go through fifty girls
I'm in the trap with plenty girls
I will serve a [?] any girl
These n***as livin' in fantasy world
My b*t*h suck d**k better than Jill Scott
I don't know what the f**k wrong with Jill Scott
These city girls is some real thots
I don't beef on it now, I got real opps
Blue tints and a stick kill cops
They like, "When the f**k he gon' stop?"
I walk in this b*t*h like my pops
Beat the f**k out you and the pot
Where I'm from, X marks the spot
On his forehead, put a f**kin' dot
They held it but never saw the shots
I'm like Kobe tryna beat the clock
I look down and check my watch
It's 8:23 on the dot
b*t*h n***a better give me my props
They always say white men can't jump
Well, where I'm from the white guy hops
Beat the [?] like Bernard Hopkins
I sold drugs 'cause I ain't have a option
Up the stick, I ain't finna [?] sh*t
I beat the sh*t out of you if I box you
Strip a n***a down to his boxers
Why this b*t*h in the cold watchin', she better be happy when I rob her
I'll take that b*t*h percs 'cause it's [?]
Give it to my b*t*h, act like I bought it
They say, "Damn, Papi, you bold"
They say, "Damn, Papi, you cold"
In the kitchen makin' love to the stove
I love that b*t*h more than she'll ever know
That b*t*h keep me in [?]
Damn, my body covered in gold
Other than the Glock, I don't trust a soul
I drag a razor 'cross your throat
Use the same razor to cut dope
Smoke a blunt and act like nothin' wrong
I don't know why the f**k they wanna play with me
By the way, this a PlayStation beat
I walk in this b*t*h like H&D
Up the Glock, take you off your feet
[?] like Eddie G
Knock you the f**k out like Eddie G
Pull up in the foreign like Eddie G
Drunker than a b*t*h, I'm Eddie G
In a hotel suite like I'm Eddie G
These n***as move like Rikishi
They wanna see me dead like Eddie G
Long live my n***a Eddie G

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