Kevin Cossom
[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Uh, crowd full of loud fans, hope I don’t choke
White girls goin’ ham, they just so stoke
They just think I’m kinda dope, guess I’m pure coke
Hope they love me for my drive, only lord knows
My daughter past couple months ago
Feel like I’m breathing now with out a pulse
Nothing like losing what you love most
Promises are just equivalent to False Hope

[Hook: Kevin Cossom]
Promises and promises
You said you will be here
A promise is a promise yes
And you said you will be here
But I’m all by myself
When I need your help
Promises and promises
You said you will be here

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Uh, f**k man, daddy why you such a dead beat?
While I’m 23 you ain’t never called me
Momma said you was slicker than some hair grease
You’s a cheater, what’s the point of giving wedding rings?
Poor man, you should be ashamed
Ever since I made it big I ain’t been the same
First they love you then they hate you, it’s all in the game
Kinda funny when im out an people know my name
Ain’t life such a b*t*h dog?
Took for me to get a deal now the b*t*h call
F**k her once and never call get her p*ssed off
I ain’t trippin’ leave me ‘lone when the d**ks soft
Promises, selling promises
Fake friends leave cause they counterfeit
Mama in the kitchen cookin’ b***er grits
Only one who stayed around when them other’s dipped

[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Man, hardhead, should’ve listened when they told me
God the only man that could hold me
Bad b*t*hes, all looking for a check
And I’m a dope spitter looking for respect
N***as ain't hard, they just tryna flex
Ain’t trippin’, bring the Phantom through the projects
Young n***a gettin’ dumb paid
Drop top, screaming f**k ‘em on the highway
Later alligator, crocodile Dundee
Doing bout a buck fifty on the one way
Living fast cause I never had
Middle finger to my ex cause you in the past
Sit alone with my pen and pad
Keep me lifted, emotions driven, I got it bad
I ain’t a killa but don’t tempt me
Majority of family is so against me
Figured since I win it big we should all eat
I Hop on 106 and now you wanna call me
Should’ve never left my west side
Promises are nothing more than a great lie


I’ve been waiting on you for a long long minute
When you said you’re gonna be here I thought you meant it

But I’m all by myself
When I need your help
Promises and promises
You said you will be here
Be here
Be-be here
Be here
Be-be here
Be be be be