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Home Brew

"Blowing Smoke"

Blowing smoke out my window
Going home x2
Blowing smoke..

I woke up feeling like a new man
Bruce Jenner styles, so I pinned it down
Blowing smoke out my window
Giving into impulse when my lady gets home
See me on Nintendo Wii, like we just playing Zelda all day
Dont know how to explain that I need to get high now and again
For me, I used to blaze the weed like a basic need
Green peace at my door like "save some trees"
Now I only do it on the weekend and Wednesday dont count, right? Least I ain't out, right?
Stoned on the dole, no more
The joint rotates the same way I voted for
Some are like a Charizard versus Bulbasaur - leaves barely getting burnt
But we never getting turnover for another day
So today I gotta blow smoke, I'm not in no mood for nobody throwing salt
Less it's on my chips with tartare, compare
Nothing but the bass, blazed as f*ck a craft beer
While I'm here R.I.P to my homie Bart Bear
Been a hard last year so I spark grass, yeah
That's my medicine, high as I ever been
The weed make me feel intelligent, to tell me I'm talented like my science teacher never did
Clever kid who never did, pass nothing that he never lit
Aluminum foil was my favourite element, no idea spelling it but I'm sure selling it
18, wrapping 25's on the benefit
I went from Tom Scott, worked up to Tom Edison

Lightbulbs flash above my head, eyes blood red
Butthead forever, my bong never got cobwebs on it
I'm on it, a diagnosed weed-a-holic
That hydroponic got me hypo on it
Like a comet
Look I ain't tryna write no sonnet man, I know that line sucks so __
So, what? It's just a song that I wrote
Just to rhyme. No topic
I heard the beat was nice, thought I might flow on it
Just for Avantdale, you come bragging 'bout that smack around here someone smack you out Pakeha style, blaow
Happy now? What you wanna chat about?
Rappers all rapping about rap, what's all that about?
Peace to George Ash then gonna mash till your bar tabs ass, tighter than your broads gash
Used to do that grab and dash with cash, horse ass back in 4th Ave
Talked more gas, then talk back
Now I rap for my money and I'm done with all that
I grew up poor and now days I pour yak
Used to be some normal rats, now All Blacks play our tracks
Pure hash in my sock draw stash

Blowing smoke out my window, ayo x2

Blowing smoke out my window
Going home x2

Blowing smoke...

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