Yeah, I put a million in the sock drawer
That's why I never got cold feet
She put her face in the kilo
B*t*h I told you keep it lowkey
Throwin' money, tell her go deep (Go deep)
The devil buyin', but they giving up they souls free
Thousand dollar aged steak, f**k my old beefs
For dessert I ate your pu**y with my gold teeth
I was rollin', I hit her and said I think I love her (I love you)
By the time she hit me back I had a different number (What? Wait!)
All this "Purple Rain" got me thinkin' of her
But she never satisfy like Prince's mother
Okay I'm trippin', that's the psychedelics
Imagine walkin' on the moon and lettin' Michael tell it
See they don't really care about us and they spiteful jealous (Yeah)
Tell me why the days depress us, but the nights compel us (Huh)
Thought I was gone, they was wrong, they a**ume (A**ume)
I guess somebody got me exhumed, you f**kin' doomed (Doomed)
You silver spoon goons since they let you out the womb
I rose from the tomb turned coffin to cocoon
The tension so thick in the room
Revenge cold got you feeling like it's Christmas in June
And it's sweet, reverse the roles, you be lickin' the spoon
But you occupied with all that f**kin' d**k you consume
The flow is sa**afras I had to razzmatazz the wrist
Immigrant, I'm what happens if Aladdin had some bricks
Jasmine had a pimp, ride a magic carpet with the tints
Diamond in the rough, over pressure that I underwent
In the lab again, I'm back to lappin' rappers in this labyrinth
I'm snappin' back like Bobby Backlund, I'm on the batch again (I am)
Me comin' back is not an accident (It's not)
Sh*t, I don't ever gotta rap again
Numb to it, I'm getting money just to run through it
I don't even gotta thumb through it if it come to it
She hear the money and she c*m to it
I don't eat the pu**y I just hum to it (Hum to it)