Lost Souls


Clover, can you hear me?
Clover, are you there?
I never knew how loud silence could get
With only your mind to share

[spoken - CLOVER]
At the edge of Averno, there is a dirt road directly through the forest that is not to be traveled down at all costs
Oh, Kennedy

[sung - CLOVER]
I wasn't born to be a hero
I didn't have much of a choice
No one else will ever believe me
But I still can hear your voice

I know these words, I'll say forget it
But I can tell I'm getting close
And I am told that I'll regret it
But I am told this by a ghost
I need to prove I can

(Just one more)

Destroy the monsters you outran

(Please don't leave me here)

But I have to finish this where it all/(I can't)

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