Behind the Curtain lyrics


I wanna be invincible
Wanna know my story has an end
Sick of spinning 'round in circles
And tugging on loose threads
I want to rip open this universe
I want to make mirrors bend
And I'm just so tired of this game of pretend

They told me it's unthinkable
To leave your life behind
But it doesn't seem to matter when half of it's a lie

Hidden faces, untouched bases
Behind the glass that never breaks
You'd think from years of knocking
I would make the same mistake

But how do I tell my heart that we aren't on the same page?
That she sees this world as her dreamland and I see it as a stage?

I wanna go behind the curtain
I wanna go behind the curtain

I wanna be invisible
Want the world to know my name
I wanna be a thousand people and end it all the same
I wanna finally stop this reaching
I want to know what the hell I want
Maybe if I rip this universe I'll find more than what I've got

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