Into the I-LAND - Applicants Version (English Translation)

I-LAND (아이랜드)

[Verse 1]
I got pushed, I got washed ashore
In front of the door of my long-awaited dream
There's a little song inside me
And that little song has brought me here

[Verse 2]
Even though it's lonely, there's no place to lean on
Even though it's painful, there's no place to stop
The purpose of waiting and enduring
Only after I finally met you
Only after you held my hands do I realize it

Yeah I’m scared, even though I'm afraid
Let's do our best, let's just try
It’s our chance
Thе countless number of footsteps
That wеre made in the past know

(Woah oh)
Be my friend and walk with me
Let’s just run for our lives
(Woah oh)
Give me your hand and promise
Let’s just run for our lives

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