[Intro: V9]
Mmm, ay come ‘ere

[Verse 1: V9]
(Ay, come 'ere)
Bro’s blacked out I’m blacked out too (Ay ay)
We’re lookin’ for yutes (We are)
Don’t step cah bro’s on drillings (Don’t)
And I’m on drillings too (I am)
Teamwork makes the dream work (Ay)
Come and get down these yutes (Let’s go)
Opp block’s where man’s heading to
If I get grabbed, I ain’t got a clue
I was at gaff, gettin’ seedy (I was)
Don’t ask me what happened to bruce (I don’t know)
I’m in Barca, smokin' Cali, I’m with Billy, that’s Tally (That’s Tally)
Get chinged and slapped with a bally
Bally ain’t done no drills real patty (No drills)
Them man love talk bare yappin’
Man poured juice like its yacked man’s back in (Grr, bow bow)

[Verse 2: Billy Billions]
Lift the Tally with the woah
Got them bricks from double O
Distributin’ on the go
Put the proceeds on a pole
Just in case you didn’t know
We keep them hammers on the roads
Send the drillers on patrol
My hitters out here stealing souls
Whippin’ and flippin’ a kilo
We get the ye’ for the D low
He know, she know
The wapper is bound for the reload (Bow)
Kway low, serve it
Pull up in all white like a surgeon
Baby girl close the curtain
Obbo lookin’ like a workman
[Verse 3: AlChubbino]
Did it for the ‘gram I can’t relate (Can’t relate)
I wrapped up bits, stabbed a prick, I’m just bait (I’m just bait)
You ain’t seen no birdies
Sold straps from early (From early)
You don’t back your boy I back my boy I’m certi (Certi)
Kitchen counter dirty (Dirty)
Pyrex dirty, my name’s dirty
No stop they search me
You’re not a opp, you’re nerdy (Nerdy)
Tryna catch me a thirty
Vision lurky flip they’s dirty, I can’t let them bird me
Insidious on servery, bang up tonight gon’ hurt me

[Verse 4: Jimmy]
I wanted to live a normal life
But I tried and it just weren’t for me (I tried)
How did I end up bangin’ and slangin’
Shit, now the undies on me (Mazzaleen)
Undies on we, Tallies on gang (Badders)
Cos we active in streets (That’s right)
And that’s a casual E when a big whip pulls up
That ain’t no Addison Lee (Skrrt skrrt skrrt)
Grab a pack and buss it
Bro said "There’s Liz on the scales, don’t touch it" (Don’t touch it)
Mr. Risk it All cos I love it (I love it)
Fuck’s sake I should listen to my conscience (Ah man)
More time I’m like fuck it a risk ain’t a risk if you’re riskin’ nothing (That’s right)
Gang plug shanks you might end up blooded (Blooded)
Right or wrong I still got my bruddas (Normal)
[Verse 5: Stally]
Real driller, fam, do your research (Savage)
Tryna do up a redrum reverse (Murder)
Man don’t approach get burst (Bow)
Opps, see the gang and divert (Gone)
See opps and we hoppin’ off bikes
I really done did it for my side (I done did it)
And when all the 8 was locked in the cage
I was out in the dingers with the 9 (Gang)
Bait with a good one
But if I get the call then I’m gettin’ to the drop (Man’s gone)
I’ll burst man’s friend if I can’t find him
Have officers calling up next of kins (Bow bow)
No cappin’ if I rise this hand ting
Eject shots, automatic’s clappin’ (Bow bow bow)
Slackin’ that can’t be me
Every day I’m in the trap, the phone line’s smashin’ (Ring ring)