Next Up?


[Verse 1: DA, Hitman]
Swing what shank? We don't buss no blanks
Don't buss no blanks, just pull up and bang
Back door's bust so you know that's gang
Loaded clip, let it rip, get tanned, panic
They're doing the dash, bang it
Don't want smoke, they vanish
Crash done brang it
See man lean out of the mic and tap it

[Verse 2: Hitman]
F**k all the chat, Snapchat cap
Mashed work on streets, no cap
I'll jump out, see big man dash
Lucky I didn't have no mash
Run a man down and swinging them shanks
I want man packed so it's ultra attacking on your block, don't ramp
Free T Splash, done shown man that, Mr swing them shanks

[Verse 3: DA]
A whole lotta snitches, I'm beefing jokemen
How many n***as done cut from me?
If you look frozen then you're getting ripped open
Feds asking me how we acquire, the vehicle's stolen
Bros outside with a kеyboard pressing it off
And he's doing up coding
Hits lay it off at the crowd, gеt hit if you're chosen
[Verse 4: Hitman]
Get hit if you're chosen, I love when they're frozen
Approach them boy on volts
But it don't really work cah you know they blow
So we try creep up, do it like a teaser
Rise that beater and beat it quickly
I don't need a batch, just me and a thingy
And like one guy that steps with me
That's enough to be an opp block bully

[Verse 5: DA]
See man cut out and I couldn't catch up
It's a wrap up if we catch up
Us verse them, couldn't match up
You must be mad
See man run off and I couldn't keep up
Tally's screaming when it's on the speaker
Running with them, get your knees up
Never done sh*t for the media

[Verse 6: Hitman, DA]
On a 3 double O with Crash
He's revving it fully, I got the thing on me
Or it's me on the back with a long nosed dotty
They pick an exit and run from me
One tap on the pedal, that's nuttin 'bout gas
Big litre, don't try dash
Foot on the gas, Crash got the mash
Gotta get it home safe, it's all for the cash


Bop, bop, bop

[Verse 1: Hitman, DA]
Trips in dings 'round pedals on pedals
Eyes in sight, get licked for your kettle
Now this beef can't settle
Waps and shells, that's heavy metal
Slap, reverse, don't pause, keep slappin'
The gang don't tolerate chattings
He was on chattings so we splashed him
Cut tru blocks and mazzers happen
Thought he was lost, the gang just found him
Splash up this ting, no fountain
Bait croud but f**k my surroundings
Jakes on my tails, see the pave man mount it
Up on the pavement I don't see how you're escaping
Rev up the 3 double O with D on the back
See the dotts when he rolls and aimed it

[Verse 2: DA]
I love me an all black trackie, gloves and my bally
I'm on the opp block tryna tape it
Back road drifting, bad boy living
Spot me an opp, put him under, don't break it
Rise up waps, don't get it mistaken
Found a claps, shotgun shaking
Throwing gang signs for b*t*hes in private
Get you stretched in public places
Pavement mounting the tightest spaces
Aim and squeeze at faces
Intestines hang like laces
I see the opps take flight like a spaceship
[Verse 3: Hitman]
I'm on my block, unlimited chases
CID and plain clothed jakes, they all on man and they love my face
They even say that the music's great
So I still buss a right tryna swerve these jakes
If we in a dinger and the box is manual
Slap it on the highest gear it can handle
Run or get lick if you stand still

[Verse 4: DA]
Don't stand still, you could lose it all
If I'm on your block, that's a funeral
It's always local 'cause I know who to call
My bros in jail, can't miss these calls
He got dumped, we ain't playing ball
He got punched, should've seen him fall
He ain't on nuttin, I've seen him stall
Say it again, I've seen him stall

[Verse 5: Hitman]
Still doing up blocks, shank on wappers
Get 'round tryna tape that strip
And we ain't to blame if we ain't involved
But you get hit with them paigan kids
My bros got aim and I'll show you what missed
And if a civil got hit, it's 'cause it was close to a paigan kid
We ain't to blame, I done said 'it is what it is'
Step on volts, trip on trips
Get back 'till we pattern the dings
Serious members, serious things

[Verse 6: DA]
If you want smoke, it's nuttin to 2s it
If it ain't us man drilling, then who's it?
Clean up blocks, I'm bringing the broom in
Little man pick wisely the side that you're choosing
Could be your whole day ruined
This one pot can't fit two in
But in the coffin it can put you in
Numerous events, of course they're losing

[Verse 7: Hitman, DA]
Next up, do I drill or music?
Double tap splits two
There's options when I boot it
Slip, you're losing, red shells through him, leave man ruined
Next up, do I drill or music?
Could be a shank that I swung or a shooting
All of it spilled out, I'll show you 'bout juicing
Tell you about 4-door stuff or a booting