#98 Stally x Maza x Billy Billions x DA x Fumez the Engineer - Plugged In Freestyle
[Intro: V9]
Grrr, bow
Some 98 shit, some Tally shit
Ay, Cee, tell 'em baby
Plugged In with Fumez, 98 crew
Slatt, lemonade
Mmm, ayy come 'ere

[Verse 1: Stally & V9]
98, that's my fucking number
Clip long like cucumber
Make it rain, beat off that thunder
Get chinged out your fucking jumper
Rideouts daily, we live in the field
Glide with the stainless steel
This wap ain't fake, it's real
I feed man bine, watch your boy get peeled
Active crasher, peek when I pop up
Swing my sword with mans top up
Anything I do, I do it for the blocka
When we sliding yeah we suit up proper
Chase a man down, let it beat (Ayy come here), gotcha
Unlimited shells for a opper
Smell the gunpowder when I slap this wapper
[Verse 2: Mazza]
Mazza, I don't know how it got to this
I'm deep and really gonna rock this quick
Ain't got a problem copping sticks
Need more gyal to lock this shit
Chilling in the crowds, peak, don't get hit, don't get hit
Run a man down and wet it
98 bitch, don't ever forget it
It's us man doing it man stop hating
Doing it early, free up Gauges
Fuck the net, us man do blaze it
Armed and ready, nuttin' to play with
Talking badness, show me some faces
You ain't on, I can see it's blatant
Close to the dot, watch brodie face him

[Verse 3: Billy Billions]
Buck into opps and they ducking and diving
These n***as be hiding
The handy be spitting out final fighting
Thunder and lightning
We dishing out corn for these oppers that's typing
And talking to trident
Shushing and wooshing, I'm on nothing but violence
Drilling in silence
Bitch, I'm really hood famous
Still armed and dangerous
My mum told me I'mma make it, my plug told me "Be patient"
In the dinger with the rollers
I'mma shooter so I’m chauffeured
Automatic with the toasters
Lick your head of your shoulders
[Verse 4: DA]
Who do you think's terrorising Hackney?
Let's lurk, lemme throw these two L's down
And until then, unhappy
They love to mad me so I'm on backstreets
Tryna mix one with baccy
Plan B, get on the bike, get stabby
Now it's the 3 double O's with the machines
Free up Matic, he love get crashy
Trap in my hood, get charged like batteries
Late night shifts out of maxis
She would text me just to let man bag b
I'm at the border, not where it's sandy
So don't get caught in the middle
BG get to work with the chizzle
Ran out of film, we ain't making a movie
Now I'm filling my bag with bags from Lidl

[Verse 5: Stally]
In the dinger burning tires
98s, we're real riders
Bitch I'm Wee Bey from the wire
Up this burner, let it fire
Jump out the ride, I don't window watch
Man dump the clip and then I skrr off
Went guilty early, got a third off
I whip white and get dirt gone
[Verse 6: Mazza]
Really got dirt all over the trap
Looking like Leigh on sea
Got magg all in this batch, I'm trappy, capital T
Lee said get in a load
Stop phoning my phone for free
There are stacks in the drawer
Close the blinds, let me count these p's

[Verse 7: Billy Billions]
I still fuck up the re for these waps
Still hide all the keys in the flats
My n***as tell me I'm tapped
I still let it beat off the max
I got snakes aiming at my back
Mix the runtz with the wax
Keep it fully auto on attack
Free my fucking n***a Smash

[Verse 8: DA]
Circle back, get caught on a rebound
Shot or shaved then your holding a beatdown
Jakes at the frontdoor, backdoor, creep out
Baked off, hoping one of them boy bleed out
Feed man corn when they eat out
Problem with the 9 or 8 don't speak out
Silence slug shots sneak out
Anywhere gang know man might reroute

[Verse 9: Stally, Mazza, Billy Billions & DA]
Man tried stay when the mash got brandished
You heard one shot, next thing he vanished
The corn cause some panic
It's tragic holes in and out mans jacket
Holes in and out mans jacket
9 and 8 in your hood don't panic
Slap it, slap it, bredrin ran, you're static
Vanish magic
With the glee I'm erratic
Extended clip cinematic
Zig Zou all metallic
Slap it out the panoramic
When I'm controlling, I'm ecstatic
I'm with a tool like a mechanic
Or in a pyrex mode and ceramics
Drain it, dry it, tag it, slang it
Fill up this gun, I ain't filling up petty
I need metal and teeth like braces
I ain't tryna catch no cases
Fling some shots to the face like faces
Man I'll light up your block like Vegas
Really do on a regular basis
You left in numerous mazes
Humorous paigons, none of them dangerous

[Outro: KO & V9]
Yeah, yeah, come on man, you already know what's going on
Class of 98s out right now, gangs the hardest out
Come on man, you know
Fumez the Engineer
Mmm, ayy come 'ere