In Time
[Verse 1: MVP]

Coming back for more
As soon as I walked through the door
About six bodies hit the floor, that's when I realized to make this I gotta live reckless
Walking through the city nearly got shot for a gold necklace
They said, "yo take this and inject it"; when I leave the spot I have motherf**kers speechless
You see, the secret is not to give a f**k you either live or die
And I see my death in my mind's eye

Puffing clouds just to get high taking pills just to sleep
When I close my eyes I hear demons whisper and creep
F**k it take it to the 5th and eject it
I'll take your hypothesis and reject it!

That means you're f**king dead wrong
All the homies I grew with are f**king dead and gone
And all these n***as thinking they spitting bars I call that illusion
Careful you gon hurt yourself in you own delusion
Call me Confucius because I'm bout to drop lyrical wisdom, are you f**kers listening?
Motherf**king life ain't worth living
They say its a gift but it's more like a curse
And I don't give a f**k if I'm spitting verse or in the back of a hearse
Yeah I said I don't give a f**k whether I'm spitting verse or in the back of hearse... Motherf**ker I'm ill

[Chorus: Curtis]

One homie goes to sleep at the sound of bullets
Two of us just don't sleep at all
And Audio Rebel drowning in his mind's sewerage
That SR blood flows forever believe in it or nah

Really I'm feeling fine
Maybe I'll really mean it in time
Maybe I'll mean it in time

[Verse 2: Curtis]

Flow sublime
Escape artist never seen at the crime
Always portrayed as a villain
Tripping while tryna run away from my feelings
Feel this anaesthesia the way everything been hitting so hard
One moment you think things looking up but
Mirror's on my ceiling
Tryna see if you're hiding my happiness up your sleeve, I'm still reeling
Feeling my fillings feeling so underused
I been starving for success even before I said I was The Living Proof
That a real artist could really get far
But in all my hunger didn't notice I was getting consumed by my own dark
Creva**es, just more blemishes tryna face my truths
And maybe one day all my time spent in the booth
Will make me feel like I'm worth something
Subtle futile complaints but the world owes you nothing
Tryna see the light at the end of the tunnel I guess
Too many obstacles in my way, my mind's a mess
You keep beating yourself down til you're dead inside
Now you're tired of the facade, all these white lies
Blackened your heart
Inhale the rage
Let it simmer and never let the beast out the cage, ya!

Can't keep positive against its will, it's proven it don't wanna be here
Suicidal thoughts now death no longer a fear
Well blended with depression, so nothing to really get me shook
Ironic how devine intervention taught me not to believe in a human's book