Asylum Doors

You're all, byproducts of buying products
I'm Andy Milanokis
Drive by on your hero's image, to let you see it's all nonsense

Divided by thin lines, that cocaine
Sniff it up to never really pay attention in A-
They got you addicted to these stigmas I thought drugs was supposed to be bad
So if death is what I pray for, we're not playing broken telephone
Deliver it straight to whoever you really believe you're from
If she can pray for a way out her sickness then I deserve an exit too
You don't fix cracks you just hope nobody really notice you
These brutal lies tell me it's a bad bad thing on my mind
Really honey I'm just tired
Bared all these birds and the bees
To wonder when my mind would be done f**king with me
You wouldn't need anything further than third grade literacy
To literally see the lifelessness in you, me

Self righteous suicide tryna convince your inner christian it's not a sin
Tick it off as another win
Devil in him been giving in
Pray for hell if I'm stepping in
Sh*t's never been lit til you f**k with an arsonist
Arse and t**s bout the only thing your lyrics f**king with
But this not about you guys...
This all about you (me) and every truth
This is my (your)
Mixtape4you (me)


Why do
Why do we always fall out? (3)
We never really want to
But I know, I know that you do


Take these chains
Tie it up
Round my neck
Til you take my last breath
Tell me do you really want to coexist
Question is question is in the summertime tell me how you cover up them wrists

All masks ay
Til your last day
Til they really know how you feel, how you really feel?
Knowing no help from no one gone cut that deal

(You know you can't do anything)

Why so serious thought this sh*t was just all jokes
Til you got uncomfortable with every f**ken word I wrote
Word, I won't
F**ken stop
Dangling from the ceiling, call the cops
See what they do for you
You're an a**hole this much is true
Inviting no guests to your pity party
Some n***as who don't care will double tap for that Ferrari
Probably coz you're a nobody so nobody care
Not even you do, pull another strand of hair
Tell me life isn't fair
Fam you don't know the half of it
But a broken brain don't amount to poverty or a physical disability or sh*t

Stigma,one that you could never change
Feeling is, feeling is that you lowkey feel the same uhh