Styx & Stoners
[Verse 1: TLP]

I'm so loco with my motives
Everything I spit explosive
Never ever slipping, keep this poetry in motion
Holding hope for all you jokes
Staying disappointing folks
Egging me on f**k you yokels
Bunch of pu**y n***as broke the bro code
No neck game but I'll come for your throat
Balance beams but badder please
Back and better have you on your knees

[Verse 2: Curtis]

Suicidal sometimes vital for survival
Gotta kill yourself to build yourself it's something that I knew
I'm new
Always on the verge to bounce back
Then I dig through the creva**es of mind and get attacked
Hating everything I find maybe I hate my raps
I know sometimes I hate myself
But that's when I ain't myself
Or so I'm told even though
Almost all the time
The only thing on my mind
Is how much time
I gotta spend before I get peace and die

[Verse 3: TLP]

Piece this mind
Gun to my head I won't even lie
Living truth all I'm about
Living Proof dragons exist what's coming out my mouth
F**k a n***a doing if he ain't owning sh*t
Ahead of you all, mmmm, suck a d**k

[Verse 4: Curtis]

But I guess I'm doing fine
On a scale of 1 to 10 I say maybe a -9
Could hardly add more or I'd be crossing a line
Snorting get you crucified

Pill after pill wondering when I'ma be fixed
Nothing's just black and white, except me, my breed mixed

But can't fit in anywhere like I'm not apart of this puzzle
You'd have a struggle tryna find a reb***al if I stopped being humble and come after all of your mumble-

[Verse 5: TLP]

Raps to blast back
Energy level overloaded swear I'm on crack
But I stay clean, depending on who asks that
No USA geography but I state facts
Don't needa look far b*t*h I been that
N***a since I was a youngin'
The top man I'm gunning
Like I'm Tom and you Jerry
Don't act like we bro's, no relation, you Katy Perrys
Never scare me
Barney Stinson level legendary
Poke ya mom if she willing and ready
I'm a Master when it comes to Balling got this sh*t steady

On lockdown, Bill got you trapped in your computers
That's a bar ,wow
Stayed chasing the limelight for so long, that's why I'm a star now
This my show I run it plow

[Outro: TLP]

Barrel goes off to anyone put a foot wrong
Star me in anything bet that's a hit song

It's simple as that
And we gone

1 7 2 4
1 7 2 4
Who that knocking at your door
1 7 2 4