They tryna hit
Me twice
I hit em back
Gone prime like
Like I'm Optimus
Never miss a shot
Call me calculous
Call me strong
Like I'm Hercules
Versatility and loyalty
I grew up with
I'm a big man
Running like a ninja
Call me Apollo
Like I'm the Creed
Of A**a**in's league
I'm always killing
The beat
You never see me

I'm just a common
Tryna make all
The moves
Extra prolific you might
Think I just came out
Of the blue
This ain't a love song
I gat lyrical blues
I gat these b*t*hes
On my phone like
A f**king popstar
This is my song
I ain't here for
The views
It's for the love
Everybody tryna look
For a muse
And this is my zone
Don't you step on
My shoes
I'm tryna fit myself
Ain't nobody tryna lose
I mean

What's next with
The hustle
After chasing money
All the girls & the cars
Come through
I say n***a I'm just
Dealing with decisions
It's just me & my girl
That makes us two
I'm on my knees
And you know I
Gat religion
Always pray to God
He the realest and
The blessings come
Call me Atlas
Weights on my shoulder
City on my back
So I put it on
The map
Don't you say
I never told ya

I'm unreal to a
Close eye (tsup dawg)
Can't feel but
You heard that
I'm close by
It's more vivid
The image and
Better in my mind
I look around and
Really I see your
Face smile
It's all about intelligence
And music for the
N***as who don't
Think we re-invent
Ciroc and coal all
Around my room
N store
And being broke
You can think
That I own it all
Started from the
Bottom now I'm
In control
Used to sing along
Now I write my choice
On my way to Vegas
Can't believe my fate
Winning all these
Can't believe my fame
I'll be swimming
From the deep end
On human beings
I don't depend
I don't even have
To pretend
This beast inside of
Me can never
Be tamed
Am on my way
And am ready to go
Always see the good
Ignore the flaws
Gat out my weapons
I'm ready for war
I'm switching the lanes
Like am switching
The flows
Ain't taking chances
I'm shooting my shot
Nobody knows but
I've been through
A lot
Living the life
I was living a lie
Now am jhus living
My life on a line

It's so ironic
I've been horny
On the low-key
But am making b*t*hes
Hit the high notes
Living fast but
I'm dying slow
I am iconic
My brain is a
Lethal weapon
They asking what's up
I say Curtis happened
That kinda sh*t never
Cease to amaze me
Ooh men
Shout out to the
Ones I look up to
Hate me n***a f**k you
Wouldn't even wanna
Be you
Ooohhh men
I did it once
I'mma do it again
I love the gain
But I'm scared
Of pain
But I guess
The pain is inevitable

Huh huh