Yeah, I did it lyrics


Yeah, I did it
Yeah I did it
These just ain't lyrics

I really did it, I really killed him
As for the body, I really hid it
I am the reason Jeffery went missing, I
Am the reason Jeffery not living
Jeffery a b*t*h, I'll kill him again

It wasn't just me I had help from my friends
Donny and Tim, they got the guns
No gun license, unregistered ones
Paul and Kate wasn't involved but they
Sell drugs, yeah they move weight like a U-Haul
Jim and Cornelious, they don't pay thеm
Taxes, IRS come get thеy black-asses

(Moment of aggression)

I beat women, I do it for sport
Get tickets on purpose and
Don't show up to court
I got chlamydia, I pass it on purpose
I'm not gonna treat it, I hope
Every b*t*h get it

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