EBK Jaaybo
Free Da Homies
Ayy we sendin' shots, f**k the hand b*t*h we bustin Glocks
Thirty on me stock in my sock while im beatin blocks
Aye get em gone, say he slidin when he really not
Don't make me take this belt off, n***a ima your pops
Aye shoot nick with my left jus' to make it fair
It's possible you can die postin' over there
If its funk ima slide ian' never scared
Smoked a wood in yo hood, you ain never there
Fiendin' stole some juice from my grandma
Fukk sukkas throwin' up the -- blow his hand off
Sendin' sukkas on they a**, we can't stand yall
Free the thugs I'm waitin' for my brother Cam to call
R Sleez hunnid' shots Osama and G
Real n***as in the chain gang fightin' to be free
Double back everytime thats how it gotta be
The sukkas popped my brother so they gotta sleep
Aye huh da opps just made a post
Its two ways we can enter which way we finna go
They ain' out here anyway, we jus gon' take the load
Flush the blood from his system when the drakey blow
N***a, you do the dash when the opps comin
You better kill me if im lackin cause I'm not runnin'
This hoe annoyin ima call you when you stop buggin'
And if you ever froze up n***a just stop thuggin'
Glock hummin' trippin on sum sh*t from last year
Shake that sh*t baby girl I see it back there
You run everytime you see me, are you that scared?
Didn't know his face so we shot everyone with black hair
Free da homies, lock down eatin' bologna
Get up on em' see a sukka ain' no fightin he gon' poke em'
Brother rolley, free Marley C real donkey in the field doin drills to the neck f**k a codey