EBK Jaaybo
[Verse: EBK Jaaybo]
Murder after murder, blood, you kno what it is
F**k the babies when it comes down to it they get hit
Smoke the kid
Every n***a round here got a stick, ain't have time to buy a cup
Boy im sipping out the brick
Chicken strips baby you gone strip or you gone hoe
Never fold SouthEast im so just 1 double 0
Can't break the code, plenty of n***as did when they told
Just dont choke on the drill, bust the fully till its gone
Oh no, me no give you d**k if you broke
Sent her home, slap the b*t*h for takin pictures in my phonе
Like whatchu on, f**kin up what i got going on i wouldn't risk it but you ain't got no cheese and you a hoe
So hе told, feds been tappin the brodie phone
He been trynna smoke a opp i love the hype that brodie on
Aye get em gone
Smoke a opp then put it in a song
K's up Kasinos world, free my thugs out the hole
Level 4, gotta keep 100 free my crips
South side, you ain't slide, thats a lie he said he did
He telling myths
B*t*h go get a bag you ain't exempt
F**k it up ain't gotta job pu**y pop doing kicks
I know you like the way i beat it up baby
Slow it down, shake that sh*t, speed it up baby
You said you wanna f**k with a thug pay me
Don't want my seed unless you trynna have a thug baby
Do 100, smoke sum yea i make alot of songs
Faceshot, we face opps blood patnas gone
Pop a pill, pop a n***a now my problems gone
Slide through a n***as residences now he ain't got a home
Cop a pole, shake sum with that sh*t n***a
Walk a n***a down dont disappoint me on this skit n***a
Rip his chest open, leave his guts in his whip n***a
Was a stepper, got stepped on and he snitched n***a
Flip n***as, touch no nerd to the top hat
Fresh out, hit Slo-be like where the Glocks at
My gutter boys apply pressure, where the chops at
You hard body so is this FN
Satan just knocked at the door, tootie let em in
Brains on my white airforces, that's a messy skit
Put lil brodie on the team, i hope he represent
Im TwoOne ill never switch