I Bet You Wanna Know

Priscilla Block

[Verse 1]
I bet you wanna go to the bar
Hang around 'til they shut it down
I bet you wanna show everyone
That you're doin' a lot better now
I bet you got a hotel room
With a single bed for two
I bet you're all alone and that's why
You're hittin' up my phone
Sayin' that you want me back
But I know you don't

You just wanna know where I'm at tonight
If I'm all up on someone new I like
Busch Light sippin', midnight kissin'
Did it lead us back to my place?
Did he drop me off or did he stay
'Til the sun rose?
Did we lose our clothes?
How far'd we go?
I bet you wanna know

[Verse 2]
You don't wanna know if I'm good
Or if I'm barely gettin' by
You just wanna show up when
I find another guy
You're scared he's gonna compare to
You or do me better than you used to do
Ooh, you're right on cue

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